Facebook has nearly half of its 150 million daily vists from mobile devices.

Source: Constant Contact

So what’s your business’ plan to integrate Social Media with your customers mobile lifestyle to generate traffic, sales or engagement?

Nothing in the digital world can be stand alone these days – everything has to work together to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes for your business and your customer, whatever they are. Most importantly, websites alone don’t cut it, and the different role of each and every social media channel plays in influencing a customer’s behaviour cannot be overlooked. Did you know that 81% of online customers trust information and advice they find on Pinterest!?

That’s why we focus on creating and implementing your Digital Strategy and building you a bespoke Digital Ecosystem, so that you can reach, engage with and influence your customers in the right place, at the right time, with the right style of content….all while being designed to achieve your commercial objectives.

Don’t be one of the 74% of businesses that don’t have a plan to stay competitive in the online space…

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