The Marketing and Communications team, who were introduced into Big Blue Digital last year, don’t just assist clients with external communications projects, but also internal communications strategies, assisting management share key messages of initiatives with staff.

This week’s Wednesday Win shout out goes to our client Murdi Paaki Regional Enterprise Corporation (MPREC) for the successful launch of their internal communications campaign, Open Doors, Open Futures, You are the Key.

We have been working closely with the MPREC to devise and launch the Open Doors, Open Futures campaign throughout their locations. Each individual staff member is a key to the initiative becoming a reality.

Yammer was introduced as a sharing platform, that all staff and in all locations could utilise and engage with,.to help launch the campaign demonstrate to staff what it is all about.


Yammer is the private and secure enterprise social network through which MPREC employees connect, collaborate and coordinate.

It is an easy and fun platform to use.


The are many reason why organisations may like to implement Yammer; such as:

  • Ask questions and find answers faster
  • Save time by sharing great projects and preventing duplicate work
  • Meet colleagues with similar interests and relevant expertise
  • Share news and announcements with the people who need to know
  • Discuss major decisions and prepare for change
  • Gather opinions and ideas from across the company
  • Coordinate work for projects and teams
  • Gain visibility and insight on what’s happening, and where
  • Introduce new hires and get them up to speed quickly
  • Discover valuable information that can help you get more done

For MPREC they wanted to celebrate and share good news stories for staff and community projects from each office location, plus allow staff to collaborate across office and share wisdom, knowledge and information with colleagues. And lastly, they wanted to have fun together!

The MPREC staff have taken to Yammer like fish to water, sharing photos and stories from their offices, and building a real sense of team and community across varied locations.

All in all, we are extremely excited to monitor the progress of Open Doors, Open Futures, You are the Key. We look forward to continuing our work with MPREC on both internal and external communications projects.


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