The world of technology will never cease to amaze me.

As a new comer to the Big Blue Digital team, I found myself scratching my head after being assigned my first ever Tech Tuesday blog post. But, thanks to some words of inspiration, I decided to share my thoughts on something which is very close to my heart –¬†Webjet Limited.

I’m probably not the first or last person to admit they have been bitten by the “travel bug”. After a year living abroad in 2010, I returned to Australia to kick off a three years of “study” at university.

While my travels in that time were not as international as I would have hoped, I think it’s safe to say this nifty travel booking website was the answer to all my Dubbo to Sydney transportation woes.

How is it that this delightful page can provide such a world of choice?

From just doing a cheeky little search, I have been able to compare flight prices between two major airlines, QANTAS and Regional Express, pulling the information from both sources into the one handy portal.

On many occassions I have found myself flying QANTAS one way and Rex another, purely because this convenient page has allowed me to bag an instant bargain with zero stress and zero chance of getting lost jumping between each airline’s website pages.

More and more in the online space we see examples of collaboration and as consumers we kind of expect that everything will be easy – that we will be able to compare and contrast options on the spot. As business owners, we always need to be mindful of the end user and making everything easy for them without too much explanation.

I’ll admit it pays to be organised when planning your jet-setting adventures – as they say, the early bird catches the worm (or bargain tickets).

Maybe next time I visit Webjet, I’ll once again be crossing international waters…

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