Google Apps has refined technology so much so that businesses everywhere can take advantage of its speed, accessibility and storage. The suite can benefit the internal and external functionalities of your business.

While cloud computing isn’t exactly a new concept, Google Apps has refined the technology so much so that businesses everywhere can take advantage of its speed, accessibility and storage.

Google Apps is a set of web applications provided by Google. All of the web applications offer an online alternative to traditional office suites.

The Google Apps suite can benefit the internal functionality of your business as well as tracking external successes with clients. We here at Big Blue Digital are avid fans of Google Apps for Work – it’s our system of choice for so many reasons, all based around efficiency and simplicity.

The Google Apps suite includes popular trademarks such as:

  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Docs
  • Google Analytics

These, plus other features, come with a number of advantages that can make the workflow among employees more fluid and even provide better methods of interacting with clients and customers.


Many of Gmail’s functions, such as its storage capacity and inbox search capabilities, are an extreme benefit to businesses. One of the most favoured characteristics of Gmail is its accessibility – you can access it from any time and any location without having to download contacts or messages into devices.

The Google Hangout feature allows employees to send instant messages. It also includes a video conferencing component which is useful for correspondence between employees in remote locations. We use Google Hangouts on a daily basis here at Big Blue Digital to meet with our staff and clients in other locations.


This feature allows multiple employees to post events on a single calendar that the entire company can access and edit accordingly.

These calendars can be colour coded so the viewer is made aware of changes to appointments. Administrators can also set permissions to calendars to that only certain employees can see or edit items.


This application is one of the most efficient ways to have multiple people collaborate on information! It allows multiple users to create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations  – all on the Internet.
Usually, the sharing of documents is done via email or on hard copy, which can often result in incorrect file versions. With Google Docs, the file is edited in the cloud, where revisions are saved and recovered automatically.
Like other Google Apps, administrators can set permissions to share the document with certain people.

All these features are great internal benefits to  the business but how can you measure the business’s performance online?


Check out our short clip on Google Analytics to find out why you need this in your business! It’s not just about visitor numbers, it’s about really understanding visitor behaviour, why they contact the business, buy from the business , why they don’t and what the business can do to alter that. Analysts are able to record and report on numbers that are actually important to the business and directly match website performance back to the business goals.

The kind of information an employee can get from Google Analytics covers who visits the website, how they got there, what they did while they were there and whether they took important actions.  These could be direct sales, enquiries, registrations or video plays.


At Big Blue Digital, our Client Relationship Managers help our clients set up their Google Apps account and assist them to with getting familiar with relevant features.
We want to help interpret the numbers so our clients know what they mean and what action to take.

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