This week we have had many people ask us why rebrand? Why walk away from our older identity that we have built over 15 years. Below is Brendon’s thoughts on this – and it sums up perfectly our reasoning behind this big change.
Our identity, comes from our industry (business online), our values, our capabilities and offerings;
Our name derives from the following;
Big (Data i.e being able to dissect the data exposed from digital tools and services to improve business performance)
Blue (Sky i.e nothing is impossible and there are no limits to digital information possibilities)
Digital (i.e the type and variance of the range of services we offer, online marketing services and online business solutions such as web based software systems & info tech services).
My take on this is that everything our brand represents is around ‘business in an online world’.
When we designed it, the explanation we concluded upon for our identity was that it derives graphically from the idea of a cloud (‘The Cloud’ that everyone refers too) and everything in and around it. Although a dark overlay has been applied to the header of the one at our website so our slogan can clearly be seen, the original version shows some dark, some light, and an opening area in the centre at the end – signifying the good & bad of ‘the cloud’ where the end result is a sunshiny day (which is the more common).
We’re actually in the process of having it digitally printed as wallpaper that will cover our whole wall in the large conference room of our office to remind us!
As for our logo, (‘the digital cloud’), it shows the multi-faceted nature of online marketing represented through the ‘jewel’ texture, which also hints at connectivity ‘a cluster of connected data points’ (rather than fluffy white vapour!).
The jewel is actually teal in colour and the dark colour scheme empasises cutting edge-technology and the quality and value of Big Blue Digital’s matured years of knowledge, contemporary expertise and sophisticated system solutions.
Our slogan, ‘We Are Tomorrow‘, means that we are completely knowledgeable with technology (both hardware/software/online) it’s capabilities, now and projected, in order to meet the future demands of the clients/customers/partners/ members of organisations.There is a second half too, that add’s ‘and we can take you there too‘ meaning that we can be relied upon as partners with our clients to lead them to meet their business objectives.
We love the change, we hope you will come to love it too.

Join us. Let’s bring your business into tomorrow. 

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