One of the challenges with Digital Strategies is that the environment is forever shifting. Our consumers are forever evolving, growing in knowledge, tech savvy and consumption smarts. It’s most challenging if you have a small business, and you’re doing everything Digital yourself!

So many times we start off on our merry path of what we think our business should achieve, and who we think our customers are, without actually validating our information, and we discover that our Digital Strategy actually didn’t work – we’ve made no money and we’ve invested all this resource for nothing.

We lose heart, confidence, believe that the Digital World is too hard, and we can’t conquer it. WRONG!

You can do it, you can build a Digital Strategy that works! That interrupts your customers, makes them think and behave in a different way. But you’ve got to be thoughtful and process based. You also have to have clear, measurable goals against which you validate the worthiness of your activities. That way, you won’t be swayed by “the latest and greatest”.

You’ve got to be persistent and committed to the methodologies and tactics – unlike traditional media where you can set and forget, you do need to stay engaged and in tune with your plan, amending it as you need to ensure you’re engaging with your customers in the right place, at the right time.

As one fellow business owner and strategy developer to another, I know how it feels to miss the mark and not achieve what you thought you were going to via your Digital Strategy. But I can honestly say, through the failures, that there are a handful of essential tips I can offer to help get you on the right path to Digital Strategy success….

  • Know exactly who your customers are, what their motivations and barriers to transacting are. Know where they live in the Digital World – what social platforms and product influencing sites e.g. Reddit, Productreviews.com they are frequenting
  • Have clear goals for your revenue streams, and marry them with your various customer segments.
  • Have a Content Marketing Plan – content is your number one asset across all of your Digital Ecosystem, and you must have a plan! Learn more about Content Here
  • Build a Tactical Plan for each revenue stream and each customer segment – that’s so you know exactly what you are publishing, in which channel, when and where those customers are being redirected to, in order to complete the transaction process.
  • Analyse where your customers are dropping off in the sales funnel, adjust your messaging or implement a new tactic to re-capture them
  • Ensure that you understand how to adapt your voice, messaging and call to action across the different platforms to engage with your customer segments correctly – refer to your Content Marketing Plan!
  • Have a Brand Strategy! Your brand has to be the umbrella to your activities.

We love nothing more than building Digital Strategies, so if you think we can help, connect with us! Learn more about How We Partner With You Here

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