Big Blue Digital, together with their incredibly capable and experienced staff, are recognised as a premier Digital Marketing and Online Business Software Solutions Agency.

For over 15 years, they have been at the forefront of taking regional, national and international businesses to the digital world. From customer facing, outbound marketing and lead generation, to online business management or line of application systems that enable business to trade real-time across channels.

During this time, they’ve learned, grown and evolved too. They’ll always challenge each other to do that so they can continue to create value for your business.

With in-house Digital Strategists, Online Marketing expertise, Relationship Managers, Project Managers and Developers, they recognise that the digital business world is ever changing. The team are always researching, testing and working to deliver the next big thing in digital business to you.



Mark has been at the forefront of digital and web technology for over 15 years. Experimenting with any and all web based technologies right through to enterprise-wide solutions, Brendon has most likely heard of it, seen it or used it long before it hits the mainstream!

His catch phrase is “islands of disconnected data”. His focus has always been on bringing all facets of a clients business’ needs into the one holistic environment. A leading proponent of cloud based solutions, Brendon has a knack for finding the true value of any piece of software.


Anna has been sharing her knowledge and the power of the web, social media and search optimisation with our clients for well over a decade. An accomplished public speaker, digital strategist and creative thinker, Leanne enjoys empowering people with the skills and knowledge to make their business an online success!

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Andrew is all about finding the sweet spot. The place where the business needs and the user needs overlap.

He asks the tough questions. He pushes back in order to enable the customer and the project to move forward.

What, when, where, why and how. These are key.

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Paul is an IT Support Manager with 22 years of experience in the industry.

He has found that he is constantly continuing to develop the skills and knowledge to keep up with the changing technological needs of the IT business environment, and aligning to the business strategy.

Paul is experienced with a wide range of business sectors, functions, and company sizes. The vast array of knowledge gained enables gap analysis and process improvements in all areas of IT Support Management. His key skills include Support Management, ITIL Service Management, Outsourcing, Security and IT Service Delivery.

Paul is committed to the continual improvement of both staff and processes to provide an outstanding customer service experience.

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Ceridwyn is a charismatic and energetic thought provoker who sets high standards for herself and clients. She brings more than 15 years of experience to Big Blue Digital, from both Australian and International markets, dabbling in Hospitality, Events Management and Marketing (both traditional and digital).

Ceridwyn strives to develop a customer-centred approach to ensure results are delivered and goals are achieved.  She has proven results in aligning campaigns to marketing strategies and establishing innovative and effective solutions.

With a wealth of local knowledge, passion and loyalty, Ceridwyn looks forward to further developing the client experience with Big Blue Digital.


Lesley brings a variety of experience in strategy, client relationships and even hands-on development for tiny to corporate-sized clients. At Big Blue Digital, her focus is on developing digital marketing strategies, guiding her clients in their day to day interactions with us, and on bringing them a consistent and enjoyable experience every time.

When she’s not thinking about how her clients can be more successful online, she loves to spend time outdoors exploring the country, making music, or neck-deep in a craft project (she’s an official yarn-aholic!).


Amy worked within broadcast media for a number of years producing entertainment content for Telco’s and TV Production companies in the UK.  She then moved into Cross Platform Production covering digital services and developing content for wider audiences when there started to become a big demand for content, particularly for mobile.

Over the past 10 years, this has led to Amy working with a range of clients helping them to understand where their business can use the right strategies to be applied across digital channels for the very best outcome and not just use the digital buzzwords du jour!

4 years ago, Amy made the move from London to Razorfish in Sydney where she continued to produce some award winning work.  With clients ranging from BlackBerry, Samsung, Australian National Maritime Museum, Bupa and Museum of Contemporary Art, Amy loves working with clients to help transform their business and educate clients on what can really help shape their business in the digital world.


Damon has brought to Big Blue Digital his 20 years of Account Management experience mainly in the Telecom space.

After spending most of his working life in the ‘Big Smoke’ a tree change was definitely in order.

Damon found he enjoyed life in Dubbo, so much so, that he bought a farm. When not assisting with his clients’ Online Digital Marketing Strategies, Damon can be found down the back paddock running a muck on an old (almost as old as him!) tractor or herding sheep on the property.


Jason is a creator of innovative, environment responsive, and end-user focussed digital solutions that deliver outcomes – experiential and metric.

He is a natural communicator with a flare for identifying and integrating new technology trends to the working and leisure lifestyle. For Jason, the big-picture needs of a digital project is always within view to ensure a client’s business objectives are always being achieved.

With more than five years of international client experience, Jason has developeed an understanding of the performance needs of any project and has delivered solutions that exceed expectations.


I’m passionate about learning new technologies, software solutions and device functionality, which puts me at the cutting edge of being able to engineer platforms and interfaces that provide experiential and functionality competitive advantage for clients.

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An analytical thinker, Rob derives satisfaction from finding efficient solutions to novel problems.

Previous to working at Big Blue Digital, Rob’s work has always involved him being “the computer guy” no matter where he was employed.

The main thing Rob likes to achieve from his work comes to seeing the entropy of the system go back down, at least for a little while.

When not in the office, you can find Rob either playing with his dogs, reading the latest industry articles, testing his coding boundaries and a little gaming on the side.

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Sarah has a range of experience across project management, online community management, Public Relations, retail and conference production.

She enjoys acting as a curator, working with and taking the best from all teams to get the right  results. She also believes in encouraging and mentoring others to know that writing in the digital space – and writing well – isn’t scary or impossible.

She loves building, encouraging and participating in communities (online and IRL) – from studying the ways in which television forms social and familial bonds (read: watching a lot of Greys Anatomy) to being involved in the local theatre company.
She was once told she brought good karma to an office. She believes this meant good cake.

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Although one of Big Blue Digital’s newest family members, Laura brings 18 months of journalism experience to the team.

A born and bred Narromine girl, Laura has strong ties to the region and brings a wealth of local knowledge to Big Blue Digital.

She hopes to further develop her professional skills as Communications Executive, to benefit both Big Blue Digital and their clients.

When not in the office, you will often find Laura out and about partaking in the region’s social events.


Krystal comes from a background of quoting and estimating work for clients – now, she is the first point of contact at Big Blue Digital. Krystal is the person you will speak to on the other end of the line and will help direct your call or will personally greet you when visiting our office.

When not in the office you will find Krystal out taking a few shots at the rifle range or working hard in the gym.