Whatever it is I’m less likely to share it now, with you.

Over the past year or more,  and I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed less and less friends tweeting and sharing their deepest darkest secrets for the world to read, about how their Friday night was and the repercussions of the next day.

I jollied in reading what my nearest and dearest were up to thousands of miles away, whilst I basked in the sun uploading pictures of beers and maybe even a coffee with a fancy foam pattern.

Now, day after day I see the content they have selected to share. Content they’ve read, opinion pieces, political musings, images using the latest filter, memes, life affirming quotes to make us feel better about ourselves and the odd Facebook status update (normally asking about a cheap recommended car mechanic in the area).  This new/er pattern tells me more about my friends than ever before.

So, what’s happened?  Why am I not living through the latest chapter in my friends’ lives for everyone to see?  Why am I just ‘liking’ and can’t even be bothered to comment? Well, actually it’s really obvious;

  1. As with any new toy, the novelty has gone (from my age group anyway).  This demographic are languishing in the afterglow of a million ‘funny’ updates and frankly, we’re a bit sick of it. Fundamentally, we’ve probably grown up and a bit embarrassed by it.  Airing dirty laundry is what we do for our kids rather than our escapades. But also, I think we’re busier, our lives may be more…. boring  and we don’t want to shout about how we’ve given in. More guarded, perhaps?


  1. This is likely the real reason – video content and opinion pieces, particularly with the current political climate globally are rife.  And I admit, this is my Achilles Heel.  I’m constantly being told off by my husband for ‘being on my phone again’ on the couch of an evening or frying an egg, just READING STUFF. “It’s important stuff!!” I say. In all seriousness, it is.

In the olden days I just wanted to see Bob in his mankini or Jane being carried home.

What am I reading? And why has my behaviour changed with social media? Well, now we’re at the end of 2015, another year of brilliant content has been shared with us – really great stuff, from fantastic journalists and writers (and not so great ones).  Served content, shared content is more and more powerful. The people who I really care about are reading it and find it worthwhile to share with me, so I want to read it more and on and on…. and I’m nosy. I only studied because I was nosy.

SO my message is this – your content, whatever form that may be, needs to be to the point, interesting to read, attention grabbing, worthy, and succinct. We go on and on about making your content shareable all the time. But what does your audience want to see. Not what you want – what does you audience want?


Simply, just speak from your passion, about what you know about or what you love – it will come through.  And if you do that, I’m sold, I’m in, you’ve grabbed me. I might share it, I might not, but my opinion of you or your business increases and ultimately (if we’re talking about brands here) I will keep you in mind for a purchase, or a recommendation. Word of mouth – the most powerful marketing tool you have.

Please don’t tweet for the sake of it, don’t post Facebook updates that don’t mean anything and for that matter don’t have a Facebook page if it isn’t going to be used for the RIGHT audience and to have just for the sake of it.  My bugbear. We see through it, and so will your audience.  Make those characters count.


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