Today, content is the number one asset your Digital Strategy and Digital Ecosystem needs to succeed.

Fundamentally, it is the single element that holds the keys to unlock sales conversions – whether you are a B2B or a B2C company.Here’s some of our insight as to how you need to approach your content, and how we here at Big Blue Digital, can develop content to drive your bottom line…..


If your content doesn’t engage with your target audience – disrupting their current thought or behaviour patterns, or transcend the wallpaper that media can become in our lives, and demonstrate how your product or service will satisfy a need they have (or create a new need in their lives), you won’t break through. And after all that, your product or service needs to come up trumps in their evaluation of alternatives, or you won’t convert.

Sound complicated?

Sort of.

Getting your content right is a strategic foundation that requires thought leadership, expertise and a detailed understanding of your customers, how to pitch and integrate your content on the right channels and platforms your customers engage with (at the right time), in a consistent manner that reflects the consumer decision making process.

That’s where we come in.

Your Digital Ecosystem is the framework – unique to your business – that we establish to make sure we get your content right and on the channels your customers are on, speaking their language – specific to that platform.

Did you know that for example that Pinterest influences around 70% of online sales in the US?

In your Ecosystem, we create and publish customer relevant, pattern-breaking information and direct your consumers’ behaviour towards a profitable outcome for your business.

One of the instrumental elements we focus on in content marketing is whether you’re in the long or short sales lead game, and build a tactical plan to engage, inform, influence and convert your customers. This split can be typically broken down to B2B or B2C (these can have cross over too). While the methodologies are the same between the two, the tactics and promotional elements are different.

If you are in a B2B industry, your content needs to position you as a trusted industry thought leader, demonstrating how your products or services can functionally improve the performance in the customer’s business. And your customers are going to consume your content on different channels with a different mind-set to those with a B2C cycle. Those customers are more likely to respond to emotional-need satisfaction as well as price, esteem and, somewhere in the mix (depending on the customer and your product), functional performance. Therefore, your content needs to talk to them on appropriate channels, with appropriate key messages and call’s to action. Underlying these basic tactics are your brand messages – ensuring consistency across all channels.

So, can you confidently say you’ve got your content sorted? Are you analysing what channels and platforms are delivering you the most profitable results?

We can do this for you, and we’d love to show you how we can drive your bottom line through your Digital Ecosystem’s Content.

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