Over a third of all internet usage worldwide is spent on devices: mobiles and tablets. It’s no longer optional to make your website look great and function well on the devices your customers use for most of the day.

It’s not just information that needs to be accessible. Many people are purchasing products, calling contact numbers or making orders directly on their smartphones.

Would you make a potential customer wait to go home to their laptop to make a purchase?

A website that looks equally good on small mobile phones as it does on huge, modern computer monitors, is a responsive website. It detects how big your screen is and displays differently, hiding, showing, and re-arranging its parts to provide a beautiful and optimal experience.

Consumers have come to expect this behaviour from every website they visit. If a site is difficult to navigate on their phone, they’ll most likely just go to a competitor’s.

Big Blue Digital build all new websites “responsively” as a standard. We understand that your customers want to access the information and features of your site whenever they want, however they want, and a responsive website is vital to letting them do so.

We’re proud of the many responsive website’s we’ve built and we invite you to view our portfolio

We’re ready to maximise every opportunity to interact with your customers and influence their decision to consume your products and services, are you?