The ongoing success of your online business is what drives our team.

To compliment our digital tools and strategy implementation we provide regular webinars, Q and A sessions and on demand video libraries, that assist our clients maintain and enhance their online business success.

Each fortnight we host regular webinar sessions (link to this page) on Digital Strategy, Social Media, Content marketing or Search optimisation for our clients.

Our training calendar is regularly updated and modified to suit the needs of our client base and the changing nature of the industry that we are in.

Each session is recorded and available for viewing later for all participants. Downloadable tools and notes are provided and are made available as part of these sessions to assist our clients with work they can attend to offline.

All webinars are then stored within our on-demand webinar library available for viewing at any time and as needed by all our clients.

We host regular Talk to a Texpert sessions each Tuesday ( link to this page), where our clients are able to ask us any technical question and receive training and advice on the spot.

All of these programs and activities are provided as part of our Digital Service Partnership and are assessable depending on the type of partnership plan our client has.

In 2016 we will be pleased to introduce our 6 weeks to the Summit – Digital Strategy program that will provide a roadmap for you to navigate your way around your unique digital ecosystem.

In addition we provide monthly newsletters, weekly blog posts and regular articles that will supplement everything you currently understand about digital marketing and strategy, as well as extend your knowledge to suit the needs and direction of your business.
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