Content Marketing is more than just posting on Facebook and sending a monthly newsletter. In an increasingly digital world where discerning consumers are demanding valuable content rather than pushy ads, your digital marketing strategy needs to be cohesive, content-driven and focussed on your business objectives.

The content marketing elements of your strategy might include insightful and useful blog articles, podcasts, videos and other kinds of articles; targeted and action-focussed email marketing; educational webinars; and many other kinds of resources and material.

Content marketing positions your business as an industry thought-leader, while giving your visitors and customers valuable information and resources.

Turning content-chasing visitors into customers is the sales funnel. We plan your digital sales funnel from landing pages through ongoing marketing and re-targeting to purchase.

The success of every activity and campaign is determined through careful tracking and measurement, tying directly back to your key business objectives.

Your Content Marketing plan is a foundational pillar to the structure and ultimate success of your Digital Strategy. We have significant experience in achieving ROI in diverse industries with various drivers through the initiatives and activities we execute with our clients. From concept to completion, we work closely with you to understand your objectives, identify opportunities and continue to maximise your strengths while assisting you to address digital weaknesses and threats.