What does service mean to you? Post your thoughts! 

For us,our clients are the centre of all we do.

In our office we have a wall of inspiration, visual prompts that serve as triggers for all our interactions with our clients and the work we do.
All of our team is focussed on thinking like you, our customers. On being an extension of your team.
Big Blue Digital has developed a series of service plans that allow us to bring value into your online business. This starts with your dedicated account manager, or as we like to know them as “Digital Specialist – Client Partnership“.
Whether your business is large or small, our Digital Specialist’s are focussed on working with you to take your business where you want to go. Part of their role is to get to know your business better, to understand what drives your business success and what your goals are for the coming year.
They are also here to provide encouragement to you as your navigate the digital space.
A key plank of this relationship are our regular webinars, which are available to all clients as part of your subscription. FREE!
That’s right, webinars each fortnight on all aspects of digital strategy, web maintenance tips & tricks, social and search techniques, delivered by our digital strategists, direct to your inbox. All notes are provided and the videos are available to access time and time again.
You can access our current webinar sessions, right here in the digital discovery area of our website
So, Tell us what makes service stand out to you in your business.

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