Amy Clark

Amy Clark

Digital Specialist - Client Engagement

Amy worked within broadcast media for a number of years producing entertainment content for Telco’s and TV Production companies in the UK. She then moved into Cross Platform Production covering digital services and developing content for wider audiences when there started to become a big demand for content, particularly for mobile.

Over the past 10 years, this has led to Amy working with a range of clients helping them to understand where their business can use the right strategies to be applied across digital channels for the very best outcome and not just use the digital buzzwords du jour!

5 years ago, Amy made the move from London to Razorfish in Sydney where she continued to produce some award winning work. With clients ranging from BlackBerry, Samsung, Australian National Maritime Museum, Bupa and Museum of Contemporary Art, Amy loves working with clients to help transform their business and educate clients on what can really help shape their business in the digital world.

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