Our year in review


I recently gathered our team together to share with them my vision from early 2015.

After 15 years being Bos Web Systems, I had presented my plan for our business to relaunch as Big Blue Digital.

One year on, I was able to say with confidence that we have exceeded all goals envisaged, and more!

Brendon O'Sullivan, CEO and Founder, Big Blue Digital


Our key achievements


As we move into 2017 I want to share our progress over last 12 months: our best work, what we've learnt, and the fun we've had along the way.

In the past year, we built on the momentum of our reinvention as Big Blue Digital. Our vision for servicing larger, enterprise clients has come to fruition, and we expanded into more sophisticated types of work where highlights include:

  • We have dedicated project scheduling, managing workloads and service logging. As a result, our team is more productive, we can better service clients at peak times and we've doubled the amount of productive time logged compared to last year and become a far more efficient business in the process.
  • We've built up a highly capable SharePoint team. While we had delivered the occasional SharePoint project in the past, and with a strong partnership in BICG, we are now committed to sharing Microsoft's focus on enterprise document management and collaboration. Working closely with our partners to enhance our team's skills, we operate as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner specialising in Data Platforms.
  • Our approach to communication within projects is agile. Now more than ever, we find ourselves working across multiple teams within our client organisations. We have had to step up in terms of the clarity, frequency and flexibility of our communications with clients and each other. We discovered that Trello - for logging and discussing smaller elements of larger projects - seamlessly supplements our key project management and work logging tool, Accelo.
  • Our own marketing approach got an overhaul and constantly improving and seeking efficiencies around success metrics. We trialled content outsourcing, a variety of new scheduling tools and services - all with varying results - to not only inform our practice internally but also to stay a step ahead and share these experiences with our clients.
  • In March, the first 6 week program by what is now known as The Summit School, was launched. Two years ago, my presentation to the team included the vision of "Another brand (to be named) – Webinars, Monthly subscription, 6 week programs" and this year, with a lot of hard work and passion, Leanne has successfully launched a number of programs. She has already taught numerous small business owners and entrepreneurs around the world the ins and outs of effective digital marketing.
  • Working with our awesome partners at BICG, we introduced Business Intelligence and Data Science as a key pillar of our service offering. With a longstanding history of interest in KPI's, targets, analytics and metrics reporting to success, we put more focus on BI, both internally and as a service offering. This was one of the main items on my 'to do' list when we made the change to Big Blue Digital and this year we've invested heavily in the training and supporting of our company to develop business intelligence solutions, to provide strategic direction on data-based work.
  • We refined our service offering, after learning that we were doing clients a disservice by offering services that were too low and under valued. We work to make client goals our goals and we were constantly running into walls of our own making in this pursuit. We've worked hard to address project creep, change management and have audited our entire client relationship, from start to finish, to improve our effectiveness in quoting, project activation, delivery and review.
This work will continue into the new year, and I'm excited to see how this work will make everyone's lives easier.

  We understand the value we provide to our clients is our culture, our service and our products ... and in that order  

Our clients


We wouldn't be able to celebrate our achievements as a business without our clients. We do our best work when we work with people like us - people who believe there is a better way to work, and want to maximise their opportunities to grow their business.

Thank you to all of the progressive and innovative businesses who have worked with us over the last 12 months.

Government, Education & NFP
Financial & Professional Services
Retail, Goods & Services

Some of our work

Central West Credit Union Website

Sharing CWCU’s community pride through a redesigned Kentico website.

Dubbo Stampede Digital Marketing Strategy

Supporting the world’s only running festival with a zoo!

Western NSW Local Health District Website

Engaging patients, staff and community through a new SharePoint website.

MPREC Facebook Training and Support

Offering training and implementation support to the whole MPREC team.

Dubbo Stampede BI Dashboard

Helping the herd set goals for 2017.

Dubbo City Image Rebrand

Keeping the City smiling.

Earth Plant Hire Video and Company Profile

Telling the Earth Plant Hire story to clients and partners.

Big Blue Digital Email redesign

Redesigning tomorrow, today.

Our team & culture

  • Our company values, (known affectionately as TIPPS), are the cornerstone of our working week. Our Fridays always end with the celebration of our values - Teamwork, Innovation, Passion, Prosperity and Service - including a theme for the day, a debrief over snacks and a beer. Sharing wins and challenges from the week just past, highlights how our work has supported our clients and exhibits value.
  • Our Marketing Strategist, Sarah, joined us in February, along with her 'Monkey Management' philosophy. Our longest serving team member, Jason, clocked up his 7th year while Krystal, after 2 year's as our receptionist and Customer Experience Officer, took a big step up to become our Executive Assistant to manage Operational Support, including resourcing, scheduling and reporting, all in order to seek better ways for our office to operate.
  • After 6 years of managing his own business, Paul joined Big Blue Digital full-time to become our Digital Director. Even though he was already been considered an integral part of the Big Blue Digital team, supporting us on a number of projects, it has been great to make it official.

  • We came together over 2 team days - and one photo shoot - to share process improvements, ideas and achievements. We have a very collaborative culture - everyone in the business is welcome to share ideas on how to do things better - and they do. This constant focus on innovation is one of the best things about our team. I know the business and our clients are supported by a team of people constantly seeking the best possible outcome.
  • We also farewelled some very talented people as our business continued to transform; Damon, who continues to service many of his former Big Blue Digital clients from the Sunshine Coast, while Amelia, who contributed immensely to our reinvention in 2015, answered the call to return to her homeland of New Zealand, making Highlanders Rugby a force to be reckoned with on and off the field!
  • Our final fling of the year tested allegiances and sleuthing skills. Our Christmas Party saw us head to the former site of one of Kate Lee's houses of ill-repute for a 1920s Speakeasy Murder Mystery. Between Lucky the top mobster and club owner (Brendon), Hazel the sassy drunk flapper (Laura) and June the jealous mistress (Leanne) it was hard to put a finger on whodunnit. But our TEAM value soon came out to play, with almost every player rightly accusing Ruby Miller (Lesley) of the crime. We all knew that the former opera singer wasn't quite who she seemed...




TIPPS experiences




Murder (mystery)


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What's next?


The foundation of our strong business performance is our clarity on our company strategy, culture and values.

We understand our capability and are effective when it comes to decision-making.

Over the next year, as we continue to offer 360-degree marketing solutions and business applications to client organisations, our key focus will be refining our processes for internal and external communication and acting on our understanding that our relationship with our clients is our best product.

We'll be expanding our professional partnerships to deliver the highest possible quality of work to clients, and ensure the best return on investment. Our focus on bringing data to the fore will only grow, and we'll introduce a new brand and team to support businesses in the health, ageing and disability space.

We look forward to the opportunity presented by a new year, and can't wait to see what achievements we're sharing in another 12 months.

Thank you, and best wishes for 2017

From the whole Big Blue Digital team.