The Panasonic Gh4 – A user’s experience

I am not a camera expert by any stretch of the imagination, so this is not a full on expert review but rather a user experience or first impressions of using a 4k Camera and recording with one.

The Panasonic Gh4 is a multi purpose camera that can be used by anyone, amateur or professional, for video and photo shooting. It’s able to record video and take images in 4k (a hybrid camera).

4k refers to a display device having horizontal resolution on the order of 4,000 pixels. (Really awesome quality you can see small details in the picture or video).

User experience

Using the Panasonic Gh4 was a pleasant experience. It might feel overwhelming at first when you realize its official online/digital  documentation is  400+ pages.

You basically have two options:
Read through it all and try to apply everything you learnt in order to remember what you read.
Only focus on what your needs are.

I chose the second option.

There are a vast majority of online videos tutorials that cover specific features, options and modes available for the camera.  I focused mostly on video recording and how to record video in 4k.

The interface of the GH4 is very intuitive and straightforward to use. The side display can be used for touch input which makes navigation even easier.

The first thing you will notice is the number of options available – what’s important to remember is to just read the documentation or find video tutorials that cover what you want to primarily use the camera for and play around with those options.

The camera options can be accessed by clicking on the main menu button. There are also menu shortcuts to access different menus without having to navigate through main menu  options.


One of the best things about this camera is you can not only pick it up and start using it, but you can also go into depth and customise advanced settings. These settings give professional photographers more control over the image or video they take/record.

The camera can also be integrated with various lense options, flash and microphone options which means you can hear the real time audio of your recording via head phones.

I used the stereo shotgun microphone where you can get the sound from the area you are currently pointing at or viewing. It also allows you to reduce or increase this area of audio recording.

  • Capture 4K cinematic video (4096×2160) plus 4K QFHD video (3840×2160)
  • Produce detailed images with exceptional moire suppression
  • High-speed, 49-area auto focusing, perfect for hybrid
  • Tough magnesium alloy body and exceptional shutter life


Should you be recording and taking pictures in 4k?

So should you be recording and taking images in 4k?
For home or for your business…is it necessary to have 4k videos and images?

If you appreciate quality images and video or if you like the idea of just having a 4k image or video, then the answers is yes.

If you don’t notice image or video quality, or think the improvement is not very noticeable,
then the answer is yes because there is a difference!

These days, pictures and videos  pop up a lot more and editing becomes a pleasant experience because you’re never going to worry about drastic quality loss.

4k is beautiful and having the options to capture 4k images and videos is definitely worth it.
Have you been testing yourself with new technology? Comment below and share your thoughts.

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