You can have the greatest objectives and plans in the world, but nothing will come of them if you’re content doesn’t cut it.

Let’s talk about your Content – your number one asset in all of your digital activities that will determine your overall digital success.

We’re not just talking about the words on your website, we’re talking about the words, images and videos you populate all of your platforms with on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

We’re talking about the emotions and perceptions you want your customers to feel when they interact with you on their platform of choice, what considerations you want them to have at their stage in their purchasing cycle, and what behaviours you want them to carry out as a result.

That’s content.

Rather than the old-school mass-marketing “shot-gun” approach where you pump all your promotional messaging out and hope for a conversion, content marketing is more like a rifle – it’s targeted and the outcomes are focussed.

In this day and age of mobile lifestyles, well informed purchase decisions and conscientious brand affinities, it’s more important than ever that your content is straight to the point, dynamic and targets customers in the moment they are researching or considering your type of product or service.

Throughout your Digital Ecosystem, your content needs to perform differently, be structured differently and drive specific outcomes for that platform’s audience. Your website then becomes the anchor to all your content.

We love creating ace content! So if you would like to have a FREE Content Audit with us, book it in! We’ll take stock of what’s working, what’s not, and what we can do about it with you.

Here’s some tips to get your content started on the right track:

  •  Know your customers, and what they use each platform for
  •   Know what micro moments your customers would need your product or service in e.g. what life problems will they need you to solve? Be there and answer those in those micro moments!
  •  Know what lifestyle or community attributes your brand embodies e.g. health/fitness, profit growth, entrepreneurial, family time etc
  •   Plan to use imagery and videos that really capture your audience and share your message in 30 seconds

Hope that helps, and we look forward to doing a content audit with you really soon.

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