At Big Blue Digital we work on some pretty cool projects which normally require technical focus and attention to detail. The one thing that helps me stay “in the zone” is a great mix of background music to minimise distractions and keep a positive vibe going.

During our recent building upgrade in July a multi-speaker Sonos system was installed into our office which has opened up a vast array of channels and sources to select from, here are a few of our favourites that you may notice the next time you are visiting The Cloud:

  • Double J (via TuneIn Radio)
    Double J is our staple and go to station, it is our norm to kick off the day with it’s mix of past and present tunes.
  • Google Play Music
    With access to a vast array of songs in our Google Play Music library we love to explore and revisit our favourite artists and albums.
  • Spotify
    Spotify has a great variety of pre-made playlists based on genres and moods. A couple of our favourites are Deep Focus and Mellow Beats.

    Side note: I am a big fan of Spotify and love exploring and creating playlists. A few of my personal faves include Deep Dark Indie, Feel Good Indie Rock and Stomp and Holler.

  • Soundcloud
    With the latest emerging mixes and eclectic experimental tunes Soundcloud is the answer when we feel like going on a digital trip.

On the odd occasion we have also been known to switch over and stress down with classical and instrumental channels.

Recently we have been working our way through various incarnations of the Triple J Hottest 100 over the years which has been striking up lively discussions around the office of our favourite songs and memories from when they were released.

If you would like to further explore the beats of Big Blue Digital all of our activity is being scrobbled over to our LastFM account.

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