Looking to dip your toe into the world of retargeting?

I am going to outline my 3 go- to-tools that I use for my retargeting efforts.

If you want to know more about what retargeting actually means and why you might use it – click over here to my blog post, Retargeting – The Boomerang That Pays Dividends.

I typically use 3 retargeting tools to re-reach my target audience and customers.

  1. Facebook
  2. Adroll
  3. Google Display Network

First up Facebook.

This is my GO TO retargeting resource. The one I reach for FIRST before I do anything else.

In order for you to retarget anyone, you need to make sure that you have the appropriate PIXEL embedded into your website first to start capturing those IP addresses. The IP address is the location desktop computer, phone, tablet or any other internet enabled browsing device you might have that browses to your website.

This process is the same for ANY retargeting platform. The pixel is embedded into every page of your website and you can choose to target people who visit any page or who only visit certain pages (or who don’t visit certain pages)

It is a great tool to really reach the people you need to reach when they have indicated an interest in your products.

So back to Facebook, in order to grab the code for your Facebook pixel, you need to create an Adverts Manager account if it is just you monitor your page, or a Business Manager account if you have multiple pages to manage OR multiple people managing those pages.

Once you have done this, you will then be able to find your unique Facebook pixel and embed it into your site.

The sooner you do this the better as you really need >1000 people in your audience bucket to enable you to use Facebook advertising. So the sooner you set this up the better for business.

You can then create ads that target those specific people depending on whether they meet that criteria, inside Facebook, inside Instagram OR across the wider web. Facebook has recently announced that is third party network is expanding (woohoo!).


Adroll is a dedicated SAAS service that allows you to create ads, upload them into your account and then have them posted across the internet. Adroll claims to reach 90% of available sites.

You need to upload a dedicated pixel – they call it their SMART pixel and you can then upload your ads. The website is actually really user friendly and you can quite easily follow along and do this yourself. ( Facebook Advertising and set up is a little more complicated because it actually doing a whole lot of other things … want to know more, go here to find out )

I very much like the experience of working with these guys, they have a very helpful helpdesk (ie they are actually helpful and timely!) Give it a go.

Google Display Network

People might think that this should be your first port of call for retargeting. I am not so sure.

Apparently the Google Display network only reaches about 65% of the potential market. Yes I know, weird!

You can read more about that statistic here. 

You need a proper Google Adwords account to set this up. Once you have that, Google actually has tools to capture your traffic when analytics and adwords are connected. So they already understand that this might be a kind of advertising that you want to do.

Details about retargeting inside Google can be found here. These details are incredible helpful and I would suggest that if you are already using ADWORDS, then you should take the next very cost effective step and start retargeting across the Google Display Network too!

Let me know how you go with your retargeting efforts! I would love to hear of your successes and if you recommend a different tool. There are quite a few out there, so share some of your wins!

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