Here at Big Blue Digital, our work with our clients isn’t always about the shiny, fancy things and functionality that we develop every day.

What most people don’t realise, is how important branding is for a business, which is what we’ve chosen to focus on for this week’s Wednesday Win. 

This month we worked with Golf Business Australia, a brand new golf insurance business, on their branding.  This is a company who have chosen to work with us on the entire Digital Marketing Ecosystem, and while logos are a small part of that, they are a very large piece of the puzzle.

Your logo is why I’m likely to click on your Social Media post, read your articles (aside from the title), and know who you are and what your brand stands for, in milliseconds.

Our client Golf Business Australia, is currently on the entire Digital Discovery journey with us to look at the whole picture of their business: branding – marketing strategy – planning – new website development – social tactics and copywriting – email marketing. Pretty much most of what’s in the lolly shop.

Our win isn’t that we’re doing all of this for them – our win is the logo that’s been nailed over the past couple of weeks.

What may just be a logo for some, becomes a notorious symbol of a business and what it is they do.  It’s an essential part of getting your brand perception right from the beginning.

We love the design of this, it’s really clever in showing off aspects of a golf course – the water, the bunker and the fairway combining it with the map of Australia.

Nathan our colleague at Thrive Media presented us with 3 concepts, and we explored one of them to come up with this executable lovely design.

We hope you like it!

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