Just like nobody’s perfect, no website or online system is perfect either. At least not the first iteration.

That’s why we recently conducted a day and a half planning and brainstorming session with our client, Warbah Weighing Services.

Last year, we built them a line of business application that’s vital to running their business. But like everything, you learn a lot once you get out into the real world and are put to the tests of deadlines, working remotely and real world data.

Now, one year later, it was time to review it all.

Warbah had many things they wanted to change to simplify their process.

Our focus was on smoothing their processes within the system, making it quicker and easier to take each step. This result would have a huge impact on their business.

Since the meeting, we’ve been working on ticking off some of the smaller decisions but we’re now about to embark on the larger projects to improve and expand the system.

Some of the cool new functionality this will entail is managing stock levels to reduce the stress and unpredictability of re-ordering, and recording vehicle & machinery usage within the system to reduce double-handling and automatically remind them when services are due.

At Big Blue Digital, we take our clients through an estimating process of how much time we believe we need to complete the project.
With the Warbah team, we broke down the work discussed into major groups that made sense to do together, then put estimates of hours against each item.

We also added a lot of detail to each requirement and identified gaps where we’d need to do more scoping with the client.

Even though we’ve already planned this work with the client, we put these into estimates to ensure they have the opportunity to review and approve how long we think it’ll take.

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