Outsourcing is not a dirty word.

It doesn’t mean that you have failed your business. In fact, outsourcing may be the future of your business’ longevity.

Instead of trying to juggle every little thing in your business, outsourcing gives you an opportunity to narrow your focus to the things you’re really good at, and leave those things you need to do up to those that do those things really really well.

This is why businesses hire an accountant to do their tax returns.

As the digital marketing landscape evolves, it’s a challenge we see business face everyday. When to DIY, when to spend, when to save. And as a growing business in a regional area, we’re not any different.

Let’s say, for example, that you are trialing a weekly blog for your business. You know that content marketing is where you should be.

You want to offer more to your customers to build retention (who wouldn’t).

You want google to love your site more (and know that new content is the key to that).

You want to build your brand and credibility through sharing your thoughts with the world.

But you know it’s going to take time, so you share duties amongst your staff. You may find yourself thinking the following:

Your revenue isn’t growing fast enough
While Rome wasn’t built in a day, it’s safe to say you’re allowed to be time focused when a staff member taking two hours to write a blog is essentially losing your business two hours of revenue.

Your staff are overworked and you always seem to be running behind
Even though  a roster has been developed and  the blog duty has been evenly shared around the office, you’re still bound to hit a wall. In most businesses, no two days are the same and while it’s all well and good to assign a staff member a blog to write for a specific due date, there is no telling what the day may throw at them.

One urgent task that is guaranteed to generate revenue and your little blog gets pushed aside. Now, if this one particular staff member is a dedicated worker, then you might find them staying behind late just to get it done.

Loyal employee + staying after business hours to complete blog = tired and overwhelmed employee

And then the snowball effect begins. Everyone pushes back writing their blog to the last minute and you begin to feel like the Grim Reaper standing over their desk, demanding your blog to be completed. NOW.

It’s just a recipe for disaster in the long run.

You now can’t remember why you started and you’re disappointed with the results
Along with continuing the operations of your business you now have to think about what opportunities these blogs can create. You had a strong strategy in mind but it’s falling by the wayside as you just try to churn out content, content, content.

And you know what?

There is a better way.

1. Identify what you and your team are great at, and what they should prioritise

Business is constantly changing. We all know it and we certainly can’t fight it. You have spent too much time time keeping up with these changes and building a successful business to lose sight of your core focus. Create a list of everything your team does. If you could fill their days with the most productive things, the things that drive the most revenue, what would they be?

2. List out everything else: what needs to stay, what needs to go?

Now look at everything else on the list. What stuff just shouldn’t happen. In this processes it’s important to not cut off your nose to spite your face. Don’t be rash and kill activities that will grow your business is the future, but that might be harder to measure in terms of initial returns. There might be things you do (like blogging) that customers would miss if you lost.

3. Who else can do the stuff that needs to stay?

Not everyone can do everything. If something just isn’t your cup of tea, but you have to do it, it might take you twice as long to do than someone who specialises in that kind of work. You might find that saving time in one area, means you can now afford a service you couldn’t previously. Which means better time (and money) management for you.

But what if I can’t afford it?

Ever heard the saying “you have to spend money to make money”?

Sometimes this means working with partners to get work done. Sometimes it means upskilling. Somewhere in the middle of all this is the perfect balance – which we can all strive for.

If you’re reading this it’s likely that you either do outsource some of your digital marketing work, or are keen to upskill in this area. So, you might want to read our guide to what you should and should not DIY in the digital space.

It’s a new financial year, so we’re all about productivity this month. Is this something you’re looking into? I’d love to hear about your adventures in time management in the comments below.

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