As consumers, we’ve witnessed a fundamental change in the way people absorb media. What used to be regular, daily sessions on a desktop computer have now been replaced with short interactions that occur (often instantaneously) on a mobile device.

These devices have completely changed the way we live. As the design and functionality continues to advance we, as consumers, are being influenced in terms of how we find a product or service.

We’re now reaching for our mobile devices when it comes to making purchasing decisions. Whether it’s researching products in-store, checking if the store down the road has a better deal, or checking the local cinema times, these moments have become increasingly important for businesses to capture.

Like anything relevant to consumption, this reaction has been given a name: Micro Moment.

As a leading Digital Marketing and Online Business Solutions Agency, it is vital for us to recognise and create opportunities for Micro Moments not only for ourselves, but for our fantastic clients.

We’ve worked tirelessly with our team to research and identify what our customers’ needs are and how Big Blue Digital can be accessible when those Micro Moments occur.


  • Identify the Moment your business wants to win. This is where you need to consider every step of your journey with the customer to help determine where Micro Moments can occur and identify the moments that may relate to your business.
  • Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. You need to understand what the customer needs in the moment.
  • Take advantage of the context of the moment. Be it location, or time of day, use the context to deliver the tailor-made message to the customer. But you must make sure what you are offering in these moments are made clear.
  • Convenience is key. Your customer may come across your business on their mobile device, but continue their research on a desktop.  Ensure your business hones in on your customer’s needs and organises information so it is available at these crucial switches.
  • Measure the moments that matter to you. Being there for your customers in the moments you can help is important, but measurement at every step is vital in understanding where you may be falling short in delivering to their needs. moments that matter most.


Here at Big Blue Digital, we help our clients capitalise on their Micro Moments through their own Digital Ecosystem to achieve their business goals.

We can help you find the Micro Moments that tell the real story of your business.

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