Growing your business is important whether you’re a small or large company. Knowing the productivity levels of your business let you not only improve, but flourish.

At Big Blue Digital we measure and boost productivity through the use of our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform from Accelo in a number of ways.  These improvements help grow our business and also benefit our customers by providing a better overall experience.

Client Work & Dashboards

At Big Blue Digital the benefits to seeing an increase in billable (or client) work are threefold:

  1. It means we are servicing you, our customers, with your digital marketing and online business solution needs, not just feathering our own nest.
  2. It makes the business more profitable.
  3. It lets us see that process improvements we make are working.

Accelo’s Utilization Dashboard gives us a visual representation of each employee and how their billable and non-billable work compares.  We can then analyse these results over time and ensure that improvements we put in place help both our customers and our business thrive.

The Devil is in the Detail

Sometimes mistakes can be made through miscommunication or human error, resulting in work needing to be redone. Accelo allows us to classify rework separately to normal work, enabling us to:

  1. Report on the amount of rework done in any given month.
  2. Identify the reason behind any rework.
  3. Develop new internal processes and procedures to eliminate rework.

By utilising Accelo’s reporting functionality and paying attention to detail we can provide a continually improving service to our clients and ensure that things are done right the first time.

Improving Productivity

Graphs and pictures are high level and might look pretty but often don’t go in-depth enough to identify what is actually happening with your business or with individual employees.
Accelo allows us to export spreadsheet reports on all aspects of the business and Big Blue Digital runs weekly reports on:

  1. Timesheets.
  2. Open customer projects.
  3. Open customer issues.
  4. Customer service hours remaining.
  5. Billable work.

These spreadsheets are then processed and analysed, resulting in new information that we use to continually evolve our processes and our business.

At Big Blue Digital we have enhanced our business productivity and customer service through the use of the  Accelo CRM platform.  We have the resources and the skills to attend to all of your digital marketing and online business needs, ensuring your business continues to be more productive in the online world too.

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