Over the past month, we have been working with the Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre (DRTCC) to ensure their digital environments including website, email marketing and analytics platform were ready for their 2016 Season Launch, on Sunday November 29.

We are excited to have been part of this project to help prepare their new season branding throughout the DRTCC website and ensure a seamless transition from the 2015 Season brand, Shake Things Up, to a significantly new 2016 Season change by inviting the audience to Immerse Yourself in the live performance.

Since the establishment of the DRTCC, Dubbo theatre-goers have been spoilt for choice with the variety of shows on offer.

The 2016 program, Immerse Yourself, will undoubtedly fill the seats of the Theatre. The DRTCC team have taken on board suggestions from theatre patrons and included matinées, more acoustic concerts and children’s shows in the school holidays.


With a plethora of ideas from both ourselves and the client on what we would love to change in the digital space for this project, we also had to remember there was a set timeframe and budget to adhere to.

On engagement, with the above ideas floating around, we first had to complete a needs analysis to really ascertain the project objectives, goals and KPI’s.

After setting the priorities, the following outcomes were achieved.

1. Created a new look for the home page show banners, including a better design for the ‘call to action’ and reflecting the Season brand more.

2. Adjusted the placement of elements on the home page to heighten customer awareness of shows on offer and how to book them with ease.

3. Updated the background feature graphic and logo to display the 2016 Season brand.

4. Updated the Sponsor logos on every page to reflect the new Platinum Sponsor, Gold Sponsor and Hospitality Partners.

5.Timed the website changeover with the official Season Launch event.

6. Refreshed the email campaign template.

7. The setup of Google Analytics earlier in the year will allow benchmarking of the 2015 results vs the new year.


By having effective communication on this project with all stakeholders, it helped deepen our connections and improved teamwork, task delegation, creation of ideas and problem solving. The project was completed in the set timeframe and budget.

The refreshed website looks great and reflects a strong marketability for the DRTCC 2016 Season program. Also, having the website as the anchor point to the overall marketing campaign activities works well.

At Big Blue Digital, we have a few theatre-goers on board. Laura has already subscribed for the 2016 Season and is looking forward to experiencing the magic of the theatre, in particular CounterMove by Sydney Dance Company and Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.

Emily Carroll, DRTCC Centre Co-ordinator said “All the DRTCC staff love the new look – fresh, sophisticated and contemporary. We love the new lighter colours and modern font used throughout the website which will grab everyone’s attention.”


When thinking about a refresh of your brand, you need to consider all elements. We can help analyse your digital environments to make sure they link to your overall brand.

Why not look to join our Digital Discovery program and let’s work together to take your business to new heights.

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