As a small business, we want to see other similarly sized businesses reach new heights in digital marketing. That’s why our Digital Strategist, Leanne O’Sullivan, has been busy developing online training courses for those business owners or team members that want to do a bit of DIY, but need some direction and a friendly sherpa to guide them.

Recently, a group of social media adventurers have taken the plunge and Basejumped into Facebook. So, what did we do?

Helped them get the data they needed to make real business decisions

One of the great philosophies of the Basejump into Facebook course is to test, trial and test again. Leanne encourages participants to look at their key numbers again and again, and continue to tweak what they’re doing to improve results.

Elizabeth, the owner of Central Stores, a retailer located in Gilgandra (Western NSW) which also has an online store, was able to use the data she gathered to see how people use her site differently on different devices.

While the ad reach was much higher on mobile devices (well over 50% of all reach was achieved via mobile) she could see that conversion was always much higher on desktop (also over 50% of all conversions). From this information she could extrapolate that people were likely browsing on their phones, but actually taking action on a desktop. This kind of information will assist her in knowing where to put the emphasis for future work.

Gave extra handy tips on how to increase page likes

When you’re pushing to increase likes via facebook advertising, you’ll see your post likes go through the roof. But how do you actually get these people to be loyal and engaged fans, not just random post likers? Well you invite anyone who likes a post to like your page.

Kim assists with management marketing and media for major regional event, the Dream Festival, and didn’t realise just how easy it was to invite people to like the Dream Festival page. We see that almost 100 per cent of people who are invited to like our page follow through, and Kim saw similar results.

Created a community of support to share ideas, successes and yep ‘learning experiences’ in a safe space

Facebook groups are a great place for professional communities to thrive, in a slightly more personal and friendly way than LinkedIn groups. Facebook seems to lack the pressure to always be the expert – a culture I see a lot on LinkedIn – so it’s a great platform for people to use when they’re looking to get advice and support from others.

Leanne also made herself available for participants one-on-one over Skype. One person that took up this opportunity was Sharon at our local Turf Club. All the tools that Leanne showcases in the training where ALL new for Sharon, but she took the plunge and picked them up in no time. Sharon took up the offer for ALL Basejump into Facebook advertising alumni of a free 1-on-1 sessions with Leanne via Skype to share screens, tactics and some extra help using Facebook’s power editor for her upcoming campaign.


Shared our own lessons and successes to prove that perseverance pays

Social media is a fickle beast – and Facebook advertising is no different. Some days your approach will work really really well. Other days you can do exactly the same things and…nada. This can seem completely random, but usually by gathering some benchmark data, and getting deep into tracking and reviewing, you can get more clarity around why these things happen.

Here’s a great example of why you should never treat your first attempt as the only attempt. This is something we initially branded a ‘dud’ campaign. Leanne took a step back, looked at the data, rejigged who she was targeting, fixed up the bid and… saw about a 200% turnaround in results! What?!

There are some easy things you can do today to improve your results via Facebook advertising. Basejump into Facebook Advertising runs regularly for anyone who wants to undertake the course, so get involved!

Feel that you need better introduction to the how to’s of digital marketing first?

Leanne can also help you climb to the peak of digital marketing success in 6 Weeks to the Summit. The next ascent kicks off on May 30th. Want to know what you’ll learn? Check out our video to get a taste of the various elements of a Digital Strategy.

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