I am excited to share that we will now be more active in designing and delivering data and Business Intelligence solutions to assist our clients.

This is something that we’ve always striven to deliver in the past, but we’ve now made a conscious effort to expand and upskill our team and forge the right partnerships to deliver these services in a more sophisticated way.

This is a perfect fit for Big Blue Digital. We have always had a strategic focus – helping our clients to really understand their goals and the digital tools required to get them there. BI enables businesses to continuously track their progress toward these goals and transform their internal culture.

We have a series of resources detailing what Business Intelligence is, why you should care about it and why utilising these solutions is just smart business.


In late 2014, we launched a better way of servicing our clients with a long-term, strategic focus. This is more efficient than working project-to-project or with discrete chunks of pre-paid hours.

Instead, we began to offer our clients a 12-month partnership, focused on one “big idea”, or the big goal they wanted to achieve.

As part of this focus, we refined how we came to understand this “big idea” and the steps we took to build a bespoke Digital Strategy, relevant to the individual business and completely targeted at reaching their goals.

These steps, undertaken in the early stages of any client partnership, are part of what we call ‘Digital Discovery’. This is a key process for understanding your business’s objectives, requirements, and delivering a digital solution that will meet these.


Often, at the beginning of a client relationship we’ll be asked: but what exactly do I get? While we’re often approached for certain things, like a new website, BI solution, or social media plan (which might just to the top of the list) the bigger strategy behind this and intent of these solutions, are defined by the discovery process.

First, we complete the Digital Business Model Canvas with a client. We start top-level and get to know your business objectives, your customers, what partners you could share content with, what channels you currently use, and what kind of resources you realistically have.

This is a thought-exercise to get started – it doesn’t result in a strategy by itself, but quickly uncovers goals and future plans.

We look at the end goal and build the strategy from there.


The next part of the Discovery phase is understanding your digital ecosystem. Everything a business does online fits somewhere within your Digital Ecosystem, and before you can plan for the future, you need to know what its current status is.

This is particularly important for a data-based solution, as it can expose which systems hold data, what kinds of data you own, how systems speak to each other, and if they should speak to each other.

Depending on your goals, in this stage we’ll also get an understanding of the baseline we’ll all be working from. If the goal is to increase internal productivity by exposing KPIs internally, we need to document what performance looks like now, so we can track changes in the future.


So far, we’ve been ensconced in the planning stage.

We’ve got to know your business systems and gaols, and documented the current state of play and baseline metrics.

From this, we can recommend a solution and strategy for deployment, measurement and upkeep to suit you.

Now we’re deep in the create stage.

Everything we create has the end-user in mind. We believe in creating intelligent systems to enhance your business, that makes your life easier. For us, developing and designing technical solutions is an expression of creativity, where we get to understand the nature of your business and design the tools that will best suit your unique needs.

We share a Partnership Roadmap of activities with you, and set clear project goals and timelines so that everyone is on the same path and clear on the main objectives of the work.

But any solution or strategy will only be successful if there are check and measures in place to ensure continuous improvement.

This is one of the reasons Business Intelligence has been such a good fit for us – we love numbers.


We make sure we continually measure progress towards the initial “big idea”. Our way of working – planning, creating, measuring – is an ongoing improvement and innovation cycle.

The digital environment and business, in general, are always changing (and at a fast pace). Regularly taking the time to check, measure, and refine any strategy, plans or activities is essential to ongoing success. If things aren’t working, we make changes until you get the results.

I invite you to explore what we do and what we’ve done and get in touch with any questions you might have. We’d love to learn more about your goals to see what kind of Business Intelligence solution might suit you.

It’s time to unleash the value of data.

We have, and we’d love to share that experience with you.

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