s your website ready to capture people at all stages of their purchasing process? 
Most websites focus on attracting people only when they are ready to hit the “Checkout button”. This can mean that you miss out on capturing the attention and nurturing the interest of those people who are at the very early stages of the buying process.


One of the many activities we have undertaken here at Big Blue Digital with our rebrand, has been the opportunity to revisit our entire lead generation and nurturing funnel.
We have revisited a variety of automation methods and information that we provide at all stages of our client engagement process
  • What do we want to send to people when they initially enquire?
  • What do we want to send to people after a site is launched?
  • What is the welcome cycle we wish to use for new clients?
But before I look at that here, let’s get back to some basics.
Most businesses understand that they need a lead generation process.
Whether they are using advertising in traditional media or online (search or social), business owners get that they need to create that initial spark for people to enquire about their product or service. The process of lead nurturing is how you move that initial prospect enquiry from a little nibble to a full on bite.

What are the kinds of actions and activities can you use to move people through that process?

In my upcoming webinar (Turn your website into a lead generation engine) I will be looking at getting started with automated email marketing.
I will be showing you how you can segment customers to match behaviour at your website to further fine tune your lead generation process and marketing lists. We will also touch on some more sophisticated methods such as retargeting.
But none of these methods will work without first having some content to share with your prospects as they move through what we hope will be a successful buying cycle.
There are lots of ways we can label the customer buying cycle, but if we just keep it simple, we can see that essentially it is a 4 step process.
SEE – Customers become aware of you.
THINK – Customer start to think about your offer.
DO – Customers move to either accept or reject your offer.
and then they hopefully move into this stage
CARE – Customers are connected to you, care about your product
So what kind of material do we need to make available to these prospects at each stage of the cycle.
  • Free Guides and Tips
  • Free Checklists
  • Free eBooks
  • Free Videos
  • Latest Blog post
  • Social Media connections
  • Webinars
  • Case Studies
  • Product Spec sheets
  • Free Samples
  • Free Trial
  • Demos
  • Free Consultation
  • Quote
  • Support
  • Product Information
  • Customised Visitor Experience
  • Opportunities for communities
All these items are tied in with CALLs to ACTION either at your website to kick off the process, or within a series of campaigns once they start that action.
So perhaps, it is time for your business to conduct a content audit.
  • Is your current website and social media material keeping pace with what your prospects hope to get from you?
  • Are you moving leads through the cycle to a positive outcome?
With your fresh content in mind, now is time to put this into a more organised practice and sign up to our webinar to understand how you can use your existing website and email marketing tools as part of a more pro-active and successful lead generation process.
I would love to hear more from you about what content ideas you have in place…

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