It’s no secret that we (sometimes) all struggle with time management.

In my last post I shared a tip on how a simple yet powerful list can boost your workplace productivity.

And now, the girl who thrives on making lists and ticking boxes, is back to share another tip.

So all those creative digital marketers out there,  listen up!

The marketing team at Big Blue Digital have been working on batching and scheduling our work in order to make our daily work more productive for the business.

This is particularly useful for tackling activities involved social media management (creating images, scheduling posts) but can be applied to any type of task.

For example, as any keen Big Blue Digital fan would know, we dedicate our Facebook and Instagram channels to celebrating Monday Motivations and our beloved FriYays with a series of appropriate quotes.

Before we saw the light, I was spending at least 40 minutes to an hour sourcing quotes and creating the images. EACH DAY.

NOW, once every 10 weeks, I will set time aside in my schedule to create a batch of 20 graphics (10 Monday Motivations and 10 FriYays) to be posted on our Facebook and Instagram channels.

It may take an hour or so to create these babies, but a task that once could have taken 2 hours out of my 38 hour week, has now become at the most, a 10 minute task.

What time saving tips do you use in the workplace? We would love for you to share them!

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