f you’ve been living in a news cave this week, you wouldn’t have heard of the ‘social media big win DISASTER’ that has been trickling through our Twitter feeds creating a massive mountain of hashtag DISASTER.

I’m referring to #YourTaxis.

When social media DISASTERS like this happen, or indeed any ‘branding DISASTER’ (QantasLuxury back in 2011, the Woolworths Michelle Bridges campaign also being another one this week), the first question that usually spills out of my mouth-not-engaging-in-brain is “who on earth signed this off? I bet they paid a fortune for that”.
Admittedly I jump in with most on the bandwagon, laugh, shake my head….and then common sense appears.

Ahh Amy, are you now going to talk about how your agency services are better than any other agency? Well, yes. NO.

It’s not about who is right and who is wrong.  Taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture here at what’s happened is no bad thing.  It’s a reality check to those brands who part with extortionate amounts of money to agencies who shape our thinking.  It’s a wake-up call, probably indicated by the social media moderator sitting at their desk not knowing where to start.  Because, they can’t start.  Dare I sound ridiculous and call this some kind of Digital Darwinism? This is what NEEDS to happen for brands to listen.

Sometimes a patting down of the ego to put strategies in place that actually work, are what is needed to make a change. This is what social media does and does very well.  It can be a double-edged sword but fall on it well and you have great customer engagement.  Feedback through Twitter which might be seen as out of control is priceless research and free, meaningful feedback.

These are not social media disasters, they are the best piece of audience engagement you’ll get, a great indicator of where to invest your marketing budget next time and most importantly your absolute right to reply.

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