It’s always great when we work on web builds and see them launch.

And although it’s something we do daily, there are some projects that we launch where we all go ‘Ahhhhhhhhh’ and have that warm, fuzzy feeling of ‘that was a good one!’.

This was a case in point with Duncan McGinness’ Veterinary Surgery website which we launched last month.  Oh how gooey we all felt in the office and pretty much went on the hunt to purchase a pet of some description.

Duncan’s old website was not responsive and although it ‘did the job’ it needed to be brought into the naughties and make his surgery look the slickest in NSW. Not only that, Duncan is a great personality to work with and we wanted the site to match the warm friendly nature of Duncan and all of his staff.

Built in Adobe Business Catalyst, the site has some great imagery and simple to use User Experience.  One of the major issues to look at was the wealth of information that was on the old site and how we tackled this without feeling overwhelmed.  What we have now is an incredibly informative site that’s nice and easy to navigate through and we haven’t lost the information that Duncan wants to tell everyone.

To keep it fresh we have ‘Pup of the Month’ (which gets me everytime), a Gallery, Puppy Pre-School information and soon to launch spanking new quarterly newsletter.

See for yourself here;  and we dare you to not rush out and get a puppy!


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