For a long time now, Facebook has been “fending-off’ requests to introduce a dislike button.

But this week at their latest town hall, Mark Zuckerberg announced that they have already been working on this and will soon roll out selective user testing.

But is it really a dislike button (which has been widely reported) ?

I am not so sure.

Listen to Techcrunch as they review this news.

Here at Big Blue Digital, we are wary of any kind of a dislike button and whilst Facebook is a great tool to use, we come down firmly on the side of Social Media for Good and would hate to see this kind of thing be used in a negative way.

I am sure we have all seen enough of the negative in our own personal feeds.

I am heartened that Mark Zuckerberg refers to an empathy button instead and not some kind of Vote Down mechanism like Reddit has or even the Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down inside YOUTUBE.

I am not sure that in today’s world we need anymore online discouragement.

What is your take?

Have you been one of the hundreds of thousands who have requested a Dislike button since the Like button was introduced in 2009?

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