We recently launched a brand new website for a Digital Service Plan client, Transforce . From the very first step, they knew that the new website was only one piece of the puzzle, so now that it’s launched, it’s time to get started with a Digital Strategy and plan the rest of their Digital Ecosystem!

Developing a Digital Strategy might not happen all at once, so we’ve started off with a simple 9 step questionnaire called the Digital Business Model. This got us thinking about Transforce’s customers and the real value that they get from choosing Transforce as their logistics company.
Then we can identify what Transforce and Big Blue Digital can do together to deliver this value to their customers (new & existing) through all the pieces of their Digital Ecosystem. What channels will we use? What internal resources and partners will we need?
When we have completed the Digital Business Model, this will form part of Transforce’s Partnership Roadmap, which is their living strategy document. This collaborative document will contain records of their Digital Business Model, strategies for individual Ecosystem elements, business objectives and key metrics, and important actions and milestones along the way.
It brings together everything that we will do with, for and by their side, so that they can see, experience and understand the value that we are bringing to their business.
Transforce appreciated the opportunity to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.
It is typical of our approach to want to spend time listening to you to enable us to clearly understand how your business works. We value this planning time together so that we can develop a realistic overview of what needs to be done with the resources available to us both.
By working together,  we will bring your business into tomorrow.

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