All clients are good clients right?


There is one kind of client that no business wants…

An unhappy one.

That’s not an issue – you might think – we offer great service, our products are top notch, our staff are friendly and professional, of course our clients and customers are happy. Plus they’ve never said otherwise.

If you want to know what your clients really think – ask them!

There are a myriad of online survey tools available to businesses – from Facebook polls to SurveyMonkey – making really understanding what your clients and customers think easy. But, like most things, not all survey systems are equal.


We have been using Client Heartbeat for about two years to automate our client feedback process. Why?

It’s automated: We use Client Heartbeat to survey our clients every six months. The system prompts us when it needs to be done, making it near impossible to overlook. It syncs with our accounting system, Xero, meaning we don’t spend huge amounts of time pulling and refining lists.

It’s simple: We also keep our survey short and sweet with just four questions, suggested by Client Heartbeat and based on best practice in survey design and market research.

It’s targetted: The questions target four key areas – giving us a succinct and easy to measure overview of our business operations.

  • Partnership
  • Promptness
  • Accuracy
  • Helpfulness

It measures trends: The tool also tracks changes in sentiment over time and collates testimonials and other comments – the really juicy stuff.

It compares us to industry leaders: when you first sign up to Client Heartbeat, you answer a series of questions and your business is placed in a pool with the most relevant industry group. Benchmarking against others helps you refine your goals.


Our Client Heartbeat Survey is open for four weeks, gently reminding recipients to complete the survey – meanwhile our team eagerly watch the results.

As a business owner, this engagement in the process shows me that the team is really invested in what our clients think.

We admit, in the last survey round, not all feedback was positive – and it’s not always going to be. We were in the middle of rebranding, and some of our clients felt lost in the process.

We could have just dismissed the feedback, thinking that those feelings would change once our internal changes were finalised. Instead, we took it as an opportunity to improve and ensure this didn’t happen again. Afterall, the client is number one.

After receiving our Client Heartbeat feedback, we implemented a few changes at Big Blue Digital which have improved the way we do business like you wouldn’t believe.

We hold daily staff catch ups to talk through our work plans and to identify potential roadblocks. Our Client Relationship Managers meet weekly to ensure all of our wonderful clients are getting their bang for their buck, ensuring no one ‘get’s lost’ again. We then meet, as a full team, every Friday afternoon to celebrate wins and share client achievements amongst the team. These few extra activities increase our individual accountability and keep us on track to deliver the best possible work and solutions to our clients.


Client Heartbeat is a proactive system for understanding your customer. If you want the tools to see what you clients and customers really think, and know how you are shaping up against the industry top performers (and how to improve) Client Heartbeat may just be the answer.

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