One of the greatest things I learnt a long time ago from a great mentor of mine is that your brand drives your sales, which drives your profit.

It was a bit of an epiphany moment for me, really. Until then, I thought of brand as a bit of a static thing you just plonked on your advertising or communications campaigns…something that basically told your customers what your name was. Until then, I hadn’t understood the foundation your brand lays for all of your advertising….. remember, that your advertising is an outcome of your marketing strategy…… Advertising is NOT your marketing strategy. But back to your brand…..

So how should you create a digital brand strategy? And after you’ve done that, what can you do to be at the top of the digital branding game?

Let’s go back to your objectives. Ask yourself what it is you are trying to achieve in your business. Is it sales? Is it a shift in thinking or change of perception? Is it to enter a new market entirely? Write down and commit to some key outcomes you are looking for.

With that information, ask yourself how you want your customers to emotionally feel about your company when they see/hear/feel/interact with you. This is how your brand differs from everyone else’s – it’s why your customers will buy your products over a competitor – because you fulfill a need they have, and your brand satisfies their emotional requirements on the level you are presenting yourself at. On the most basic level, this could be premium or cost effective, approachable, family friendly, eco friendly, sports focussed etc. All of these points – collectively, form the basis of your Brand Strategy and the persona you want to portray in the market.

Now here’s where the significant shift is. Think about this – it’s probably not something you’ve traditionally thought about, and it’s what will take you to the front of the branding field…..

Ask yourself (and take some time to ponder!) what are the little moments in time that your customers would be likely to need or want what your branded product or service is offering? For example – if you sell upholstery cleaner, think about all the times your (potential) clients would want or need your products, and in those moments in time, what online behaviours (and typed words) would they be searching for, and on what sites? Those micro-moments, combined with the emotional connection/persona you want your customers to have with your brand, are some of the most important tactical activities you need to employ to maximise your brand in the digital space.

How do you capture those moments? Well these days, it’s all about dynamic, visual, engaging content. One of the most effective ways to do this is through video. Use these micro moments to show how your brand can deliver the right solution, at the right time and the right price, for the need your customers have. And demonstrate the emotional connection you want your customers to feel so they build their association/connection to your brand all at the same time.

Recent stats suggests we have three seconds to capture the attention of a scrolling/roving consumer and entice them to look further into your branded product or service. That’s why imagery, videography and infographics are crucial in sealing those micro-moments with potential customers.

Make your dynamic material really simple – clear brand position, single call to action/message, and a clear direction to your customers as to how they are to respond as a result of seeing/interacting with your ad or content. For example “buy here”, “learn more”, “see how it works”.

Your brand also needs to be the underlying theme or message in all of your created content (blogs, social media plans and posts) so make sure that all of your content reflects and reinforces your brand.

So now what? Plan! Use an ideas board, a calendarised spreadsheet, trello. Tools that allow you to clearly see exactly what you’re doing, when and how.

If you need help getting started on your Digital Strategy, get in touch with us here at Big Blue Digital – it’s what we do best.

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