Years ago, and with the luxury of being a software development company, our business developed it’s own proprietary, and bespoke, line-of-business management system.

We thought we’d developed the ideal solution, complete with (what we thought then), was an end-to-end business system complete with “business intelligence”.

However, and as we evolved into a Professional Services Agency, our development skills fell away from creating software, our’s became an unsupported and legacy system and we were forced to move to an other business management software platform.

It was expensive, didn’t suit the specific needs of our business, and worse, we were forced to use spreadsheets to manage disconnected data.

Although we persevered for 4 years, ultimately we had to start again and, in 2012, we migrated our data into our third business management system in 12 years, being the Professional Service Automation solution, Accelo (previously Affinitylive).

While we evaluated a number of other systems, we found Accelo CRM to be an amazing fit with our agency if for no other reason than it’s flexibility and comprehensive nature.

No more spreadsheets, or other separate systems required, Accelo connected our data within a comprehensive and all-in-one Client Relationship Management, Service Ticketing, Project, Contract and Time Tracking management solution.

This Professional Services Automation system provides unlimited customisation options of, (amongst many other things), fields, milestones, work flows and real-time forecasting via scheduling into a complete, connected, data management solution.

It’s even accessible via user friendly apps for Windows & Mac desktops and iOS & Android mobile devices including new Smartwatch notifications.

An absolute godsend to our business, Accelo can be implemented to Digital & Creative agencies, Information Technology firms, Business Consulting groups, Engineering companies, Legal & Accounting practices, Property, Architecture, Public Relations and many other industries.

The beauty of Accelo is it’s ability to plant clients, staff and accounting all on the same page, and provides tools for every role of those on your team from managers through to contractors.

Profitability is proven as Accelo tracks everything going on in your business from tracking emails, (and the time spent typing them), to post-project support and billing, and provides a distinctive focus on client relationships and effective utilisation of resources and management of ongoing work.

With a proven track record of over 6 years in evolution, and used by thousands of companies globally, this cost effective and fully integrated system, (compatible with a huge array of popular software systems including Google for Work, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce and accounting software Quickbooks, Xero & Saasu), is a cloud-based solution combining CRM, Projects, Service and Retainers.

To understand how Accelo has helped Big Blue Digital successfully manage what has now become it’s “mainland of information” and how it lead to an increase in our revenue by 50% (by simply reducing waste) read our case study at

We were so impressed with it’s success for our business that we became a Certified Partner with Accelo last year, and with a list of features far too exhaustive to list here, and for a free introductory walk-through to understand how we can help your organisation succeed with the implementation of Accelo, we invite you to connect with us today.


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