It has been a year of vision and innovation for the Big Blue Digital team, who undertook a revolutionary transformation to become the region’s top provider of Digital Marketing and Online Business Solutions.

And the positive results of this transformation just keep rolling in.

Digital Strategist and Co-Founder of the company, Leanne O’Sullivan, was humbled to learn she had been named as a finalist for the 2015 Women Out West (WOW) Awards Ceremony on Saturday, November 28.

Leanne is one of nine inspirational women across the Orana, Central West and Far West regions who are in the running for the WOW Award for Outstanding Vision & Innovation in Business or Industry.

The WOW Awards were established in 2010, to recognise and celebrate the achievements of women in Western NSW.

The increasing popularity of the WOW Awards resulted in two new award categories introduced this year, including the award Leanne has been nominated for.

Leanne said she had no idea who nominated her for her first WOW Award.

“I did ask to thank them and invite them to dinner – so I hope they are going,” she said.

“I have asked around and none of my immediate circle are actually owning up!.”

Leanne said she was both surprised and delighted when she was told she was a finalist.

“As one half of a husband and wife business team, it does seem that the wife part of the equation is the one that doesn’t get the glory,” she said.

She said this was mainly due to the roles herself and her husband, Brendon, have in the business.

“Sales is not my thing – marketing direction and implementation are more my thing,” she admitted.

“As women, we tend to not put ourselves ‘out there’ as much, I know in my case I tend to focus on the doing. I’m happy to speak, present and do in a variety forums, but I’m not into banging my own drum.”

The importance for regional businesses to strive to be innovative was as clear as ever, she said.

“As much as the age of the internet has opened up the world to regional businesses, it means our competitors are everywhere, not just local. So we have all the benefits of this wider market as well as the competition.”

In their game, Leanne said she and Brendon had always benchmarked themselves not just against metro businesses, but also global businesses.

“This is always where we see our competition, the level we strive to achieve and how we learn. We know this wider marketplace is also a great showcase of the excellent work that regional businesses are doing.” she said.

“We have long seen them, we have long worked with them and we feel that confidence and platform is often the missing ingredient for them. The innovation has always been there.”

2016 is looking prosperous for Big Blue Digital.

Leanne said she hoped to see the company’s Digital Strategy Summit program established across the country along with other businesses and advocates seeing and experiencing the Big Blue Digital difference with their great team.

Leanne’s journey is nowhere near finished, but she said there were a number of people she would like to thank for supporting her thus far.

“I would like to thank Brendon and my awesome team, especially our Marketing and Account Management team.”

“There were several women who had always seen what we could do and recognised our skill set from the beginning and supported me in particular are – Megan Dixon, Tash Comber, Kate Wright and Stacey Exner,” Leanne said.

“Plus many others including Kim Goldsmith, Donna Ambler, Jackie Parish, Nicky Hauser  and Bonnie Tratt.”

“Women who understand that we can reach beyond where we are to achieve great things – location is not a determining factor in success,” she said.

The ladies at Big Blue Digital love any excuse to “frock up” and will all be at the Awards Gala this Saturday to support Leanne, and enjoy a cocktail of course.

We wish all the finalists for the 2015 Women Out West Awards the very best of luck.

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