On Thursday, April 7 Big Blue Digital was absolutely inundated with sugary treats – and all for a cause we’re incredibly passionate about.

We hosted our inaugural Big Blue Bake Off as part of beyondblue’s Bash initiative – where individual’s, community groups and businesses are encouraged to host events and raise funds throughout the year.

Cooking and sharing the joy of the final product can be a great positive experience, and is recognised as an act that can contribute to good mental health and mental illness recovery. We also know that, particularly in rural areas, some of the most important conversations happen over a cup of tea and a piece of cake.

And so the Big Blue Bake Off was born.

Competition for the Golden Whisk was fierce, with nine bakers facing off over focaccias, cakes and cookies.
Congratulations to all the bakers who participated – especially Ben ‘the baker’ Kirkness who walked away with the golden whisk and Kate Wright, who raised the most funds through her efforts.

Our sugar high may have come to an end, but there is still time to donate!

Donations will stay open until end of day, Friday 15th of April.

You can visit our team page and make a donation here.

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