Social Media is a business opportunity that can no longer be taken for granted. While some out there may still not be 100% on board, Social Media has redefined the way we share information, interact and grow our audiences.

There is no doubt that Social Media has become one of the most powerful tools to spread your message.

Since our re-brand to Big Blue Digital, we have taken the opportunity to look anew at all our channels and to maximise our reach at every opportunity. It has been a chance to revisit all our channels (FacebookInstagramTwitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts) and tidy up a few bad habits (yes even the experts have bad habits!)

In addition, we have been quite rigorous in measuring our performance on a monthly basis to record our strengths and weaknesses across our channels. It’s something that will help us evaluate our performance and bounce ideas off each other to trial.

So in light of this renewed energy, we’re going to share seven of our most valuable tips with you to help amplify your business’s message on Social Media.


This consists of the group of people who are interested in what you post about the most. You can grow a targeted audience by identifying the influential people in your group and follow their followers. This is particularly useful on Instagram and Twitter. LinkedIn will also benefit, but the ease of following people here may not be as straightforward as people need to accept your connection request.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with following people. While it may throw your followers to following ratio out for a period of time, your following will soon grow. When you follow someone on a Social Media platform, it implies that you are reaching out to connect to the other account holder.


You’ll often find with some business accounts on Social Media, there seems to be some thought lacking behind each post. Some throw content in just for the sake of boosting their daily average post numbers. Others post not nearly enough.

Here at Big Blue Digital, we work towards creating and following a Content Marketing Plan with our monthly themes, that tie in with our newsletter and blog posts.

The one common thing behind all our content? VALUE.

We work as a team to make our content valuable and relevant to our audience. Often we include graphics to get our message across more than text, which we design ourselves using the program, Canva.


Although it’s important to use multiple Social Media networks, it’s just as important to Identify your strongest performing platform to focus on.

This is all to do with the learning curve, as you become more successful on more social platforms, the easier it will be to become successful on the others. Plus, you need to understand what platform works best for what customer persona you are looking to target – know your audience, means also knowing their preferred platform.


Keep things varied on your platforms. Take the time to share what other people in your field have done (not necessarily the competition of course), but of fields that would interest your followers.

There is no hard and fast rule about how much of your own content you share – vs – how much content you curate for your audience. Your followers will appreciate it what you share especially as you will only be sharing posts that are of specifically of VALUE to your target audience. Sharing other knowledge that you as an industry expert finds with your audience, tends to lend further cachet to you as an expert.


Interacting with your audience is important towards growing your audience and building relationships.

Regardless of your audience’s size, there will be some followers who will be grateful for the time you took to respond to one of their posts – it could have the potential to start a strong relationship.  Answer each and every post comment in a timely manner, just like you would a person standing at a counter. It is SOCIAL MEDIA – don’t lose sight of the social aspects.


The personal touch is one of the most underrated ways to increase your reach on Social Media.

Every business may have a different way of doing so. We’re very big on Team Culture at Big Blue Digital and love sharing what we get up to on our platforms, particularly Facebook and Instagram.

We’re currently in the trial period of extending our Weekend Photo Challenge to our followers, where we set a theme, create a relevant hashtag to use along with our standard weekly tag, #OutInTheBigBlue.

It’s important to trial things even if the response isn’t strong, you never know how much it will grow in the future. A new follower to your platforms will see the consistency and pattern of your posts and recognise the strength behind the voice.

Our clients deserve the best and we want to deliver the best. If you’re looking to boost your presence to amplify your message on Social Media, connect with us today on 1234, 567 48121 to speak with your Client Relationship Manager.

We’re always looking for new and different ways to take your business to tomorrow, so let’s work together to start the journey.

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