Just when you thought smartwatches couldn’t get any better, (unless you’re Apple and in the doldrums about low Watch sales) last week both Motorola and Samsung announced new generation’s of their watches. 

Due for release by the end of September, the second generation Moto 360 2, sports a faster processor, improved interface, 512MB RAM and 4GB of onboard storage.

While there are a series of new models, colours and even an outdoors sports model, sadly the ‘flat tyre’ blank black area remains, (apparently required to house the ambient light sensor).

If you’re still not sure why you’d want a smartwatch then check out below

Samsung on the other hand, is about to relaunch their Gear S2, and it’s a far cry from their first attempt.

With what’s easily the best hardware design, (and no ‘flat tyre’) it’s only letdown is that it runs it’s own ‘Tzien’ operating system as opposed to Android Wear – albeit a benefit being that it’s less power hungry. The other good news is that its not Samsung-centric and will connect to any Android device (running 4.4 or above).

The Gear S2 is due for release in October.

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