So,  you’ve taken a brave step and created a Facebook page for your business.

Fantastic! Personally, I believe there is nothing more important than a Facebook page for a business who is striving to reach a new audience.

With more than 800 million daily users, Facebook has become a go-to component for any Digital Marketing Strategy.

Haven’t created a business Facebook page yet? No worries – here’s a sneaky guide to walk you through the steps.

But the big question is – how can you tell if your Facebook page is actually performing well? Sure, it’s easy enough to just look at your page and post likes and think you’re absolutely killing it. But Zuckerberg and his team have taken it one step further…



Click on ‘Insights’ at the top of your page.

Note: This is the view in Business Manager. We recommend you get yourself set up with Business Manager to pull your page and ads management into one place. Want to learn more about Facebook advertising? Basejump into Facebook today!

From here, you can view metrics about your page by clicking the sections (likes, reach etc) and  export your insights.

From the Insights section of your page you have access to a great deal of information that will help you evaluate your past, present, and future Facebook strategy.


When you first open your Insights panel, you will be given an overview of your page’s performance – likes, post reach and engagement – along with a look at your five most recent posts and how they performed.

To find the engagement rates of your page:

  1. Click Insights at the top of your Page
  2. Click Posts
  3. Scroll down to All Posts Published
  4. Click the arrow to the right of Post Clicks / Reactions, Comments & Shares
  5. Select Engagement Rate


One of the most popular things to measure on Facebook is the amount of Likes (and other Reactions) a certain post or Page gets. Being able to see how many people Like your Page, as well as which posts garner the most (or least) Likes, gives you a great overview of how your Facebook efforts are paying off.

To access the ‘Likes’ tab, select it from the top of your Page screen next to ‘Overview’ and ‘Reach.’ The first graph you will see, is the date range tool, which allows you to see your Page’s performance over time or according to a specific range of dates. The graph below will show you the total page Likes. You can also zoom in and focus on certain dates. In this view, you can see the actual sources of your Likes, including:

  • Ads
  • On your Page
  • Page suggestions
  • Uncategorized mobile
  • Your posts
  • Page Likes
  • Search
  • Posts to Page
  • API
  • Uncategorized desktop

If you’re noticing that the greatest number of Likes are coming from ads, it’s probably a good sign that you should continue concentrating time and resources there.


When you scroll down on the Likes page, you’ll come to another graph titled ‘Net Likes’. This is where you can find your haters! Da da duuuuum. Well, not really haters, just how many people have unliked your page. If you all of a sudden watch your followers walk out the door, check to see what you’ve posted that day.


This is a term of measurement which shows how many people have seen your post. This counts when the post is shown in someone’s News Feed.

Through Facebook Insights, you can see the organic reach compared to the paid reach along with:

  • What type of posts are going best and  bringing in the views
  • What posts are receiving responses?
  • Photos vs Videos – what is performing better?

You can also see those dreaded haters again by seeing which sneaky devils hide your posts and reported it as spam (which hopefully no one ever does!)


This section helps you examine what people like about your page, if they’ve talked about your business on Facebook and how they arrive at your page.

Facebook is crafty in the way it tracks anyone who arrives on your page and how long they are spending there looking at your beautiful content – another way to pick out your better performing posts.

You’ll be able to see exactly where these views are coming from  – Google, Social Channels or other websites which is extremely useful if one of your business goals is to drive traffic from other sources.


This is a fabulous area that will let you break down individual posts to review their performance. There are three tabs on this page you need to pay attention to:

  • When Your Fans Are Online: A way to pinpoint the best times to post specific pieces of content. This is calculated according to the times most of your followers are online.
  • Posts Types: Helps you evaluate the success of posts based on what kind of content they are, either links, videos or photos, and the average reach and engagement.
  • Top Posts From Pages You Watch: Oh snap! You can see what your competitors are posting! This is a tricky way to observe their posting frequency and the type of content they are sharing.


This is the information that is most valuable to your business – your customers and your audience.

Here, you can see detailed demographic information that’s compared with the general Facebook population. You’re able to see the age, gender and geographic information of those who have liked your page.

This is crucial for you to understand who your audience is and so you can create the content that will appeal to those exact demographics.


Not only are we passionate about measurement but we passionate making YOUR business goals OUR goals too.

Are you looking to boost your presence on Facebook to set realistic goals and measure your way to the top?

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