There are so many tools that make establishing and maintaining your digital presence easy. DIY can be a great option, but we’ve all seen Pintrest fails: you really need to consider when to pull out the digital glue gun and start bedazzling, and when to leave it up to the experts.

We have a decade of experience of DIYs turning out great and, well, not so great. So I asked the team for some simple dos and don’ts of digital DIY. These tips are designed to help you save time and money, by getting the best blend of digital independence and professional help.


Do: Keep your brand alive via social
Social works best when it’s full of personality – and who knows the personality of your business better than you or your staff? When you oversee your own social channels you get the benefit of directly building relationships with your customers, and know that questions or complaints will be handled as you would in any other part of your business.

Do not: Skip brand development all together
Brand development is so much more than creating your logo. It involves thinking deeply about the message you want to send, the story of your business, and what you want to achieve. Try and engage a team that includes both graphic design and marketing expertise to crystallise your message and set your brand up for success.


Do: Create your own images for social posts
With the rise of visual marketing via channels like Pinterest and Instagram, having engaging and beautiful visual content has never been more important. And, luckily for us, app developers have come to the party and provided the tools we need. We really love Canva and have run training on how to use it to create gorgeous images.

Do not: DIY your website images or product and staff photography
When it comes to resizing, renaming, uploading and adding images to your site content, it’s best to leave it to the pros unless you know exactly what you are doing. Many a website has been ‘broken’ by accidental back-end antics.
Investing in professional photography is another way to improve the overall look and feel of your digital assets, particularly your website. Get a professional in for team, office and (if budget allows) product shots. While we all have a camera in our pocket these days (thanks smartphones) great photography is still hard to come by – invest in it and you won’t be sorry.


Do: Create engaging content for blogs and newsletters
You have great stories to tell and knowledge to share – so do it! Just remember to keep focused on your key customers, seek out resources and training for creating great posts, and consider how you can plan the work via a content calendar.

Do not: Build your own website for these to live on
Your website is “your land” in the digital space – the cornerstone for everything you do online. Also engage someone with copywriting skills to create professional and engaging copy go on all the pages to match your new fancy site. Bonus points if you can find these skills all in one place.


Do: Dedicate time to planning and budgeting social and other digital marketing

Yes, there are many great free ways to engage people online, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared to use advertising to meet the audiences you want and need. Create a budget and measure the results to make sure you’re getting value for money.

Do Not: DIY or off-shore adwords or other digital advertising
At the very least, you should engage an expert in your initial adwords or digital campaign set-up. Be warned: Do your research on who you choose to work with. We’ve heard many stories about hard-sell and overseas agencies who over promise and under (or don’t even) deliver.


Do: Make use of your in-house teams and resources
If you have someone on your team who is particularly engaged or excited about getting involved – compared to someone who sees it as just another chore – use them! Capitalise on their passion and train them up to get the best results.
Which brings me to my last tip…

Do Not: Forget to invest in training and education
If you were building a dog kennel you would probably drag out an old DIY book or, more likely because it’s not 1980, watch endless YouTube tutorials until you feel ready to get started. Digital marketing is the same – invest in the professional skills of you and your team, and learn from pros HOW to do the things you are very capable of doing!

An agency like Big Blue Digital spends time really getting to know your business – how you operate and your goals – so we know how we can best help you achieve them via activities in the digital space. But, we also recognise that not everyone has the  means to partner with a digital agency. This is why we’re investing more in building training programs, so we can better service our clients and others, no matter what their business size or relationship with us.

The first trekkers on our Six Weeks to the Summit Program are well on their way up the mountain. When they do reach the summit, they’ll have all the tools available to DIY where they need to, and will know exactly where they should seek some extra guidance and advice.

You can keep an eye on our training programs via our website. Our next program will be Basejump into Facebook, followed by a second trek up the mountain in Six Weeks to the Summit mid-year.

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