What do your clients REALLY think about you?

How do you know they are happy with the service you provide?

Do they believe there is a strong partnership between the two of you?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then I suggest you continue reading. If you think you do know the answers, then I suggest you re-think your last thought and continue reading.

As you know, Big Blue Digital has completely transformed the way we do business. And it’s been fantastic not only for us, but for our clients. You see, we couldn’t be who we are today without them.


It’s so important for EVERYONE to remember the golden rule: Your clients’ goals are YOUR goals.
And your clients need to have complete faith in you, so what better way to find out EXACTLY what they’re thinking than to ASK THEM.


1. The Techy Tool: Client Heartbeat

We have been using Client Heartbeat as the centre of our client feedback process for about two years. Why?

It’s automated: We use Client Heartbeat to survey our clients every six months. The system prompts us when it needs to be done, making it near impossible to overlook. It syncs with our accounting system, Xero, meaning we don’t spend huge amounts of time pulling and refining lists.

It’s simple: We also keep our survey short and sweet with just four questions, suggested by Client Heartbeat and based on best practice in survey design and market research.

It’s targetted: The questions target four key areas – giving us a succinct and easy to measure overview of our business operations.

  • Partnership
  • Promptness
  • Accuracy
  • Helpfulness

It measures trends: The tool also tracks changes in sentiment over time and collates testimonials and other comments – the really juicy stuff. After measuring our results, we are able to implement the changes needed to show we have really understood what it was our client was saying.

2. The Human Element: Your Team

Client Heartbeat is no doubt our go-to for getting the nitty gritty numbers for our customer satisfaction, but we also have a few human strategies up our sleeve…

We call them our Client Relationship Managers – really they’re the people in constant contact with clients, so should know the most about them. They each follow set procedures to stay in regular contact with each and every one of their clients which provides a regular opportunity for feedback to be given.

Then, weekly, the Client Engagement Team meet with our Services Manager, Marketing Strategist and Digital Business Analyst to dedicate time to talk about each client in turn, relay positive stories, raise any potential red flags and ensure each and every client is getting both value for money and the attention they deserve. We use simple measures of Reg, Amber and Green to describe where we’re up to.

Decisions on resourcing, follow-ups from various team members and how we prioritise work across the organisation are made in this meeting. Because what you can measure, you can manage.

3. Getting Social: Measuring Content

Each month we sit down and create a report on our content marketing metrics: How do we rate on social media? What blogs are getting read and shared? Are people (particularly clients) reading our newsletter, signing up to webinars and generally getting involved in what we’re doing? While we’ve usually got numbers on the brain, setting aside dedicated time is a perfect opportunity to see who is engaging with what content.

We can take this online measurement and support it with our offline measures. We know when our specific content is sparking client interest. For example, last month our theme was Social Media. Every blog post, newsletter article, and most things we shared we about all things social. And what would you know? One of our major clients then enlisted us to create a Social Media Schedule and Content Calendar to get them on the right track within the month!
I would call that theme a success, would you not?

FYI – you might like to DIY your content calendar. Feel free to download our Content Calendar resource to get you on the right track.

Kicking Goals

Like I said earlier, our goals at Big Blue Digital are our clients’ goals and we love smashing them out of the park!

Do you have a goal you want to achieve?

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