If there is one thing I know to be true about achieving more sales it is this: it’s not going to work if not everyone inside your organisation is on board.

So how do you get people excited and involved in your vision?

Here are three lessons, taken from experiences we’ve had with our clients, to help you achieve sales success.

1. Build team community and connections

One of the great tools we use internally to share information, and one that’s worked well for our clients, is Yammer.

The social network for businesses creates a closed community, where everything from #mondaymotivation to company policy can be shared.

We’ve spoken before about introducing Yammer as part of MPREC’s internal communications campaign. People can share things about the work they’re doing, get competitive with photo challenges (or actual work challenges) and get to know their teammates a bit better – especially when working across different sites.

A great team bond works to create a great internal culture – a supportive, and maybe even a little bit competitive team, is something essential to hitting any of your targets.

2. Get personal

We recently created and launched a new website for a client, as part of a larger digital service plan. This website was intended to represent a number of geographically dispersed franchises, and given that a website is the focal point for all sales online, it was important that all players were on board.

Alongside the website we created an internal communications strategy that included the creation of short videos, introducing the new site, it’s key features and benefits to the clients. Video allowed the business to get more personal with their franchisees. It put a face to the message and showed the story much more than an email or phone call could.

Are you kicking off a new campaign or wanting to do an extra sales push? Think about how you can deliver the message in a more personal way… rather than an old school blanket all company memo…

3.Take feedback

In the video, as part of the project I just mentioned, the various spokespeople for the website explained what had been created, why and, most importantly, what happens next.

So, what did happen next?

All franchisees were invited to fill out a feedback form or give feedback over the phone. Their opinions were sought to improve the website, and give them ownership of the project. Asking for opinions is a great way to encourage greater ownership of a specific initiative.

Communications teams can play a large role in keeping your team involved in the work you’re doing.

Why have a great external communications or marketing strategy if your internal people aren’t a part of it?

If you’d like to learn anything more about how we help people with their Internal Communications, get in touch today.


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