The Cloud. It’s a term that raises a lot of questions. Where is The Cloud? What is it and how does it work? Brendon O’Sullivan has got all the answers for you.

But, if you’re a business owner, do you really need to know the technical aspects? More importantly you should be asking is: what can ‘the cloud’ do for my business?


In a nutshell, cloud-based systems move your business to total ‘online business management’. In reality, this is what it is to be in business today – it’s the new normal.

At a fundamental level, business is a series of processes. Utilising cloud-based tools better enables you to capture what happens at each stage of every process, including collaborating with employees, clients and partners – your teams across locations, and gathering and analysing the resulting data to make informed business decisions.


At Big Blue Digital, we strive to lead by example; particularly by using integrated, online and connected software solutions to monitor our business in real-time.

‘Real-time’ monitoring enables you to be more responsive to your immediate business needs, roadblocks and/or opportunities. Cloud-based tools come into their own in the way that many can reduce the time between an issue being identified, the evidence or data being collected and collated and any resulting action: and by exposing data anywhere, anytime, so you have information to hand to make decisions faster.

Many cloud-based systems also work to increase transparency and accountability, helping your team work more efficiently and effectively.


Each week I’m approached by our clients seeking a solution to a roadblock or issue that could be addressed by utilising the right cloud-based platform. There’s lots of options out there and finding, and selecting, the most appropriate solution needs a knowledgeable guiding hand.

That’s actually what inspired this month’s client offer – but more on that later.

Just recently then, here’s just three platforms I’ve recommended over the past week, why I think they’re good, and who should consider them.


Culture Amp offers Culture, Life Cycle, Pulse and other specialised employee surveys. It’s a neat survey platform which presents your data in a way that’s easy to read and understand. Keep an eye on your employee sentiment, making sure everyone is on the same page will do great things for engagement, productivity and work satisfaction.

This one could be seen as a bit exxy – but it is an enterprise solution aimed at larger businesses. With users like Etsy, Adobe and Airbnb, it’s clearly the platform of choice for some of the more creative and innovative brands many of us interact with daily.


No one likes unhappy customers either. Better yet, business owners should always want to know what your clients think about your business, product or services.

Just as we have for the past 2 years, I don’t think you can go past Client Heartbeat, which is a great tool to automate the client feedback process.  We have been able to design surveys for our clients, completely in line with our Big Blue Digital brand and get the feedback we want.

We’ve been able to view current and past results from clients on our company dashboard for each individual customer or company as a whole. From that, we’ve been able to identify happy or unhappy customers and see how we are progressing over time.
The Client Heartbeat program provides the tools to take action on negative feedback. If you want the tools to see what you clients and customers really think, and know how you are shaping up against the industry top performers (and how to improve) Client Heartbeat may just be the answer.


We use (and recommend) a great all-in-one business management system called Accelo that includes captures everything from leads, to any resulting projects and all ongoing services and support work. This awesome platform captures emails for the sake of ensuring conversation threads are recorded, integrates with Xero for the sake of accounting and email communication for continuing communication with the customers within the CRM.

It helps us see where our team are spending their time, and on what, and where we could gain efficiencies.

If your business is a time based professional services company that logs time, just as we do, then this is a great platform for you. All elements culminate into business intelligence dashboards that can expose data such as revenue results, which provides the business owner with a live view of what’s going on in their business.


So, back to that offer. Do you have a roadblock or issue that you think could be solved by a cloud-based solution? Maybe you’re seeking out a new way to do your accounts or email, or maybe you’re just not sure that you’re using the right mix of tools to drive productivity.

I’d like to offer you a FREE consultation with myself to really get to the bottom of your business issues, and come up with some recommendations on what tools are available to you to help you better meet the goals of your business.

To get started, contact your Client Relationship Manager NOW to take up this exclusive offer.

Think you’re already on the right track – that’s awesome – we’d love to hear about the tools you use and what benefits you’ve reaped as a result in the comments.

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