There is a common assumption that a New Year’s Resolution is made from a personal motive, but why not use the time for goal setting to put measures into practice to benefit your business?

Let’s kick off 2016 with the first step: a database clean up.

A messy and out-of-date database comes at a cost. The biggest cost is lost revenue opportunities with unvalidated or incorrect contacts. Not to mention that your business can face inaccurate reporting, inefficient business processes and hours of wasted time.


1. Backup

The first step in your clean up is to backup your system and test the archive file. If your business is not backing up your database on a regular basis – it should be! We recommend doing this at least every quarter.

2. Prioritise

Decide what your most important information is – records, invoices, client details, high-priority prospects – and if necessary, create new or updated information to ensure your business stays on top of important details.

3. Analyse

Run a search for duplicate records in your database and merge any redundant records. Having double ups of information wastes money on storage, clutters reporting and complicates data entry processes.

4. Let It Go

In order to simplify your daily workload and business operations, it is important to delete outdated files and complete overdue tasks.  Archive records for inactive clients so they don’t show up in reports, mailings and other queries. Save these records for historical purposes but separate them from active records to provide a more accurate picture of your current development base.

5. Get Help

Look for external help from a business that can provide the services your require.

6. Train

Discuss the potential training of existing staff members to improve the quality of your data. Delegate individuals to maintain aspects of the database entry to avoid the need for another cleanup in the near future.

7. Commit

Build business processes for managing data and where possible, automate these processes. The day-to-day operations of your business should be managed and documented to improve the accuracy of future reporting and projects.


Here at Big Blue Digital, we aim to help our clients achieve the best results in organisation.

We recently assisted the Australasian Legal Practice Management Association (ALPMA) embark on a journey to clean up one very important element of their business, their contact list. That means that their communications strategy has a much higher likelihood of success as the people who are receiving their information are the most appropriate.

You can read all about the Contact Audit Process we designed for ALPMA to get them on the right track here.b

If you’re not sure of the extent of the cleanup that your business needs, get in touch with us. We’d love to have a chat and put together the appropriate cleanup plan tailored to your needs.

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