If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from my kickstart in the marketing world, it’s that Social Media is in a constant flux.

There are changes happening almost on a daily basis and if I’m perfectly honest, trying to stay on top of all these can be a little daunting.

That’s why I’ve decided to share a list with you of all the sneaky changes worth paying attention to. Even if you’re not a resident Marketeer or Social Media Butterfly in your company, not matter your role it is SO IMPORTANT to stay on top of all these trends.


1. Video:

According to Facebook’s last earnings report, Facebook users watch 100 million hours of video daily. Facebook now emphasises video in their ads platform, and is rolling out live video broadcasting (think Periscope in your news feed) to ordinary users, not just public figures and news publishers.
If Facebook’s last earnings report is anything to go off, where it was recorded that users watch 100 million hours of video daily, then it’s no wonder Zuckerberg and his merrymen are now emphasising video in their ads platform.

2. The “like” button’s revamp:

After much deliberation from the countless requests from users to install a “dislike” button, Facebook took it one step further and has enabled users to express several reactions and emotions through emoji-like buttons.
The possibilities of users misinterpreting one another could be endless. On the other hand, the changes could provide online companies a more accurate look of fan sentiment.

3. Algorithm changes, virtual reality and more:

Facebook now relies on qualitative feedback to ensure that relevant content gets served up to users. Facebook is also preparing for virtual reality, and new tools to help nonprofits raise money are coming. There are reports that Messenger will also be changed in 2016.


4. Ads, ads and more ads…

If you’re an Instagram user, you’ve noticed that sponsored posts in your feed have skyrocketed
After Facebook bought Instagram, brands could advertise on Instagram to meet three goals: website clicks, video views and app installs. If you know how to set up an ad on Facebook, you don’t have to learn a new ad platform for Instagram. Instagram ads can be set up on Facebook’s ads manager or power editor.

5. Multi-Account Access

I almost cried tears of joy when I was told that multi-account access is now available on The Gram. You can now bounce between up to FIVE ACCOUNTS without having to log out and in 24/7.

6. Video View Counts
The Gram brigade have been busy little bees this year, having ALSO added a new metric to its video view counts. Now you  can see how many times your videos are viewed on the app.

BONUS: Late last year, Instagram debuted this video app, Boomerang that creates a one-second, looping video. We’ve had a little fun ourselves playing with this one…


7. An algorithm-based timeline:

There are speculations that Twitter is on the way out, but the Tweeting Team are not giving up without a fight. In a major shift from its traditional timeline, Twitter introduced a new timeline, in which the most popular tweets displace the most recent tweets at the top of the timeline. Users can opt-in, but all signs point to this change becoming platform-wide soon.

8. So long, farewell to the 140-character limit:

The rumour mill is working in overdrive with hints at the removal of the 140-character limit for tweets. Despite the panic, this may not be as big a departure from the way Twitter is currently used as people think. From what I understand, the standard character limit tweet will act as an entree to a longer form article – given a key use of Twitter is content curation and information sharing, the concept – once you delve deeper – does make some sense.

9. GIFs are coming:

Twitter is rolling out a native search in tweets. Soon everyone will be able to react to tweets with more than just letters, emojis and hashtags. Is this a good thing? Time will tell.


10. LinkedIn for mobile:
LinkedIn has been silent on major changes for 2016, but kicked off the year with a new app design for iOS and Android. The design’s simplicity (in theory) makes it easier for users to find relevant content. LinkedIn also made search faster and its message feature more conspicuous.


11. Share your account’s link:
One of the biggest  complaints from new Snapchat users is that the app is hard to use, and finding people on Snapchat isn’t as intuitive as on Twitter or Facebook. Snapchat users can now add new friends by location, username or Snapcode. They can also share their usernames with a URL.


I’ve rattled on and on about these changes and you’re probably now asking the age-old question


No, but they can be.

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